12 Laws Of Karma to Change Your Life

12 Laws Of Karma to Change Your Life

The phrase karma refers to the relationship between actions and outcomes. The good and negative things that happen to you in this life are the cumulative effects of your actions in your prior lifetimes. This is referred to as the “Laws of Karma”, and it is a natural and global law.
Here are law of karma quotes that you surely love to read.

1. The Great Law of Cause & Effect

A human being always faces the phenomenon of cause and effect. Whatever he does in his life bears an effect that may occur at any stage of his life. It’s all about the concept of karma.

2. The Law of Creation

the second law of karma says that human beings co-create. Everything that passes through his hands bears life. And a person she feels responsible for he created for he is the impression of God on earth.

3. The Law of Humility

The third law indicates that a humble person always wins. If keeps on acting humble, not only he would keep away the trouble but he would get greater success through his humility.

4. The Law of Growth

Growth begins within each of us. To positively shape the world, you must first positively shape yourself. This is because genuine change or personal progress begins with what you can manage, which is yourself, not others. This concept of karma or laws of karma can change your life.

5. The Law of Responsibility

Alex Tran, a yoga instructor in Seattle, Washington, says her favorite law to teach in class is the law of responsibility.

“It’s a reminder that a person has complete control over all that happens in his life either good or bad. This minimizes the possibility of you looking outside to locate the source of your difficulties,” Tran argues.

6. The Law of Connection

This law of karma is founded on the idea that “everything in your life is interconnected. This may include your past, present, and future.” Who you are today is a reflection of your earlier acts,” says Harrisons. And your actions today will determine who you will be tomorrow.

7. The Law of Focus

Too much focus on one item at a time might slow you down and lead to anger and unhappiness. That is why the law of attention advises you to focus on one item at a time.

8. The Law of Giving & Hospitality

You must give to that all things you believe in. This law is very helpful for you to understand the importance of your actions, reflecting your deeper beliefs. For example, if you really want to live in a peaceful world & environment, you have to focus on cultivating peace for others, Harrison explains.

9. The Law of Patience & Reward

Harrison believes that in order to create change in the future, we must be consistent in our karmic deeds today.”It’s no use living a healthy lifestyle one day and then undermining it the next,” he argues. Maintain consistency in your goals, and they will come true.

10. The Law of Here & Now

To find peace of mind, you must embrace the current moment. This is only possible if you let go of unpleasant beliefs or behaviors from your past. If you dwell too much on the past, you will keep reliving it.

11. The Law of Change

According to this idea, history will continue to repeat itself until you learn from it and do something different to break the cycle. This is all about the laws of karma.

12. The Law of Significance & Inspiration

We all have a role to play and something to offer the world. What we communicate may seem insignificant to us at times, but it can make a huge difference in the lives of someone else.


Everyone must believe in the 12 laws of karma. Because it affects your life happenings in a positive or negative way. But the effect will completely depend on the earlier actions of your past. So be careful before every action because it will surely come back to you in the same way or in the most worse form. 

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