69+ Heart-Touching “Christmas In Heaven Quotes” for Loved Ones

69+ Heart-Touching “Christmas In Heaven Quotes” for Loved Ones

Christmas is the most important occasion of the year. It is the biggest and most pleasureful moment to celebrate and wish our beloved ones. Everyone wants to wish “Merry Christmas” in a unique and heart-touching way. Hence, “Christmas in Heaven Quotes” is the best way to wish Christmas wishes to your beloved ones.

Need For Christmas In Heaven Quotes

Whenever you are going to celebrate your Christmas event without your beloved ones. It’s very painful and their memories always remind you of their past activities at Christmas. Hence, Christmas in heaven quotes are specially mentioned here for your beloved ones who are not with you this Christmas. Heaven Christmas quotes will keep them near you and will make your festive event of Christmas very delightful and amazing. 

Unique Quotes From Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown is a famous personality and here are some of his Christmas in heaven quotes from charlie brown Christmas. Let’s copy and paste these memorable heaven Christmas quotes for your beloved ones. 

  • “I’m not thinking that it’s a bad little tree.n It’s not bad really, But maybe it needs some love to make it happy.” Linus Van Pelt 
  • “I think there is something wrong with me, Linus! Because Christmas is coming and I’m not happy. As I don’t feel the way I was supposed to feel this event.” Charlie Brown 
  • “Well, this is one Christmas shepherd who’s going to keep his trusty blanket with him.” Linus 
  • “It’s too early and I never ate December snowflakes. I always have to wait until January.” Lucy 
  • “In spite of my physical appearance, I’ll try to run a neat inn.” Pigpen 
  • “I don’t understand Christmas but I guess! I like to receive Christmas presents and send Christmas cards, decorate trees, and all that. But I’m not still happy for this Christmas.” Charlie Brown
Christmas in heaven quotes
  • “Lucy! You are thinking that you are so smart to have this blanket. But what you are gonna do with this when you’ll grow up? Linus! May possible I’ll turn it into a sport coat.” Lucy & Linus 
  • “Almost every Christmas is the same. I always end it playing shepherd.” Shermy  
  • “We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. You know! It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate.” Lucy 
  • “Isn’t there anyone who knows what’s Christmas is all about?” Charlie Brown 


Merry Christmas in Heaven Quotes for Mother

The closest relationship found on the Earth is a Mother’s relationship with her children. So everyone always reminds of their late mothers every Christmas festive. The mentioned heaven Christmas quotes for mother are here for you to paste on your social media platforms for your mother’s regards. 

  • “Mom has a loom from heaven and see how we are celebrating this Christmas without you.” 
  • “Mom! We are missing you badly and your activities on this festive of Christmas make us cry because we can’t find you around us.”
  • “My dear Mom! I’m missing you very badly this Christmas.”
  • “Dear Mom! I’m sending you lots of love, wishes, and prayers in heaven. I wish to spend this Christmas with you in heaven.”
  • “Every Christmas reminds me of the strongest bond we share. I always remind, how I and you made this occasion special and joyful. Miss you so much Mom!.”
Christmas in heaven quotes
  • “Merry Christmas to my sweet mom in heaven. You always remain so close to my heart.” 
  • Dear Mom! Every day feels bad without you. But Christmas is the day when I remain in your memories and miss you a lot. This day is really incomplete without you. Once come and celebrate this Christmas with me.”
  • “You lit up my life Mom. There is darkness without you in my life. Without you, Christmas is like without a snowball.  Mom! I’m sending you a lonely hug this season.”
  • “Missing you so much dear Mom, Christmas is not joyful without you.” 

Heaven Christmas Quotes for Father

Father’s love is the most precious gift from God. Special festivals like Christmas always remind us of our beloved ones. Especially when they have passed away and we have to celebrate Christmas festive without them. Here are some heaven Christmas quotes for father.

  • “Dad, you are in the perfect place that is created for the best dads on Earth. Wishing you a very happy Christmas in heaven.”
Christmas in heaven quotes
  • “I miss you always Dad, but especially at the festival of Christmas I feel you around me.”
  • “Once I was young, you told me there is nothing most beautiful and perfect like heaven. Now you are living in that place because you deserve the most beautiful place to stay forever. We are celebrating Christmas on Earth and I’m sending you Christmas in heaven wishes and prayers.”
  • “My dear Dad, though it’s heart-rending to say we are missing you badly this Christmas. Merry Christmas in heaven Dad.”
  • “Walking with you in the parks for hours every Cchisrtams is the most awful and cheering thing that ever happened in my life. But spending this Christmas without you is not easy Dad!”
  • “I’m wishing you a merry Christmas in heaven Dad. I wish you can spend more time with us without leaving.”
  • “I’m unable to forget the joys of Christmas when you were with us. This Christmas is painful without you.”
  • “Missing you so much Dad! Christmas is sad and unhappy without your love and presence. Merry Christmas in heaven!”

Merry Christmas in Heaven Quotes for Daughter

Sometimes families have lost their daughters and have to celebrate Christmas without their beloved daughters. We are going to mention some amazing and heart-touching merry Christmas in heaven quotes for my daughter. 

  • “It always seems like a nightmare to wake up on Christmas morning without you my daughter. But I’m satisfied that you are safe wherever you are.”
  • “Your laughter was the actual joyful moment in the morning of Christmas. But now everything looks sad and strange without you my dear. Wishing you merry Christmas in heaven.” 
  • “My dear angel! You are the world and happiness of my life. But I know you are where angels are meant to be forever. Accept my Christmas wishes in  heaven with other angels.”
Christmas in heaven quotes for daughter
  • “My Lil cute angel, two years ago you were inside me. Last year, you were in my arms and I felt blessed to have you in my life. But this Christmas, it’s quite hard to believe that you are no more with us. Please give me some clues from heaven so I can make sure you’re listening and watching me.”
  • “Daughters are the best peaceful and precious gifts from God. But my daughter is no more with me. I’m missing you a lot my dear in this festive of Merry Christmas.”
  • “Missing you my dear Daughter! I’m sending you lots of wishes and prayers for this festival of Christmas.”
  • “You are my strength, my daughter. All the upcoming Christmas and other festivals are just nothing without you.”

Merry Christmas in Heaven Quotes for Husband

A husband’s presence makes every Christmas special and blessed. Memories with your husband are priceless. Especially when he is no more with you. Then his memories and love will always remain in your heart. Here are some christmas quotes for the Husband to wish him Merry Christmas in heaven.

  • “Dearest Hubby! You left with my heart. I can’t spend even a single Christmas without thinking about you and your love for me.”
  • “I believe, you are celebrating this Christmas in heaven. When you’ll be back home? I’m still waiting for you to come and made my Christmas joyful and blessed.”
  • “The memories of how we used to spend Christmas festival every year linger on in my heart. So I miss you now and always.”
Christmas in heaven quotes for spouse
  • “This Christmas is very empty and broken without you. Because the last Christmas was filled with your love, affection, memories, smile, laughter, and warmth. But everything is painful this year just because of your absence.”
  • “I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas in Heaven with lots of well wishes and prayers. May you have peace and good ranks in Heaven.”

For Wife! Beautiful Heaven Christmas Quotes

The presence of your wife is priceless. It’s a real blessing and no one can replace it with anything or anyone else. It’s very difficult to celebrate the most important Christmas festival without your wife. Here are some Christmas in heaven quotes that will show your love for your wife. you can use these christmas quotes for your wife in heaven to show some gratitude.

  • Merry Christmas to my dear wife in heaven. We are missing you very badly these days.” 
  • “Nothing can light up my Christmas as you did for me. No celebration, decorations, or gifts will make me happy. Because it’s you that was the reason for my smile and happiness. Missing you so much dear wife.” 
  • “The festival of Christmas has never been the same as being happiest and joyful without you. You’ve left us for being a part of heaven where angels stay forever. Wishing you a very happy Christmas in heaven quotes.”
  • “There were beautiful colors in my life when we were together. Christmas was an occasion of happiness and pleasure with you. But now there is no charm and happiness in Christmas because you’ve left me alone.”
  • “I never ever get rid of your thoughts and memories after you’ve left me alone. Still, I’m thinking about you and me of the memories we had last Christmas.”
Christmas in heaven quotes for spouse
  • “Dearest wife, wishing you a happy Christmas in heaven with other angels. Have lots of blessings here.”
  • “Dear God! Please take good care of my wife in heaven. Because she deserves the best rewards for how she worked hard and struggled for me and my children.”
  • “Bodies can die, but love and souls are always there and never dies. So your love is always inside my heart and soul. Sending you Merry Christmas in heaven wishes.”
  • “Dear wife! All my love and affection are there for you even if you are not around me. I know you are celebrating Christmas in heaven with great delight and happiness. Therefore, I’m wishing you Merry Christmas in heaven.”
  • “I’m happy for you because you are in heaven and it’s the best place for you dear wife. Here we are celebrating Merry Christmas. I’m missing you so much and wishing you merry Christmas in heaven with other angels.”

Christmas Friendship Quotes In Heaven

There are some christmas friendship quotes for your friends in heaven. you can use these christmas friendship quotes to wish your friends that are no longer between you.

  • “Merry Christmas to the ever best and the most beautiful friend in the world. Yet it’s hard to accept the reality that you’ve gone.”
  • “A friend like you deserves the ever best and gold crown in heaven. Wishing you merry Christmas in heaven.”
  • “I’m quite happy that you’re where you truly belong to. Missing you so much this Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmas my dearest friend. Enjoy your very first Christmas in heaven, my dear friend.”
  • “Despite our world apart, our friendship will never ever go down. Merry Christmas darling.”
  • “Your memories always linger in my heart and mind. No doubt we have thousands of miles away from each other. But I’m thinking about you this Christmas and wishing you Merry Christmas in Heaven.”
  • “Dear bestie! No one can replace you and more close to me than you were. I always love you, my dear friend. Once come again and spend this Christmas with me.”
  • “Merry Christmas is Heaven my dear bestie. I love you so much.”
Christmas in heaven quotes for bestie

First Merry Christmas In Heaven Quotes

  • “It’s the very first Christmas festival without you and we are missing you so much. We all know that you are in the best place and also seeing us from heaven. We are happy for that day when we’ll see you again. Wishing you a merry Christmas in heaven with all my heart.”
  • “We’ll cherish all of the memories we had together in all the previous Christmas festivals. I’m missing your voice, laughter, jokes, love, and even your presence around me. It’s very difficult to celebrate this Merry Christmas without you, my dear.”
  • “Merry Christmas in heaven my dear. I’m perfectly satisfied and happy because you are in the best place and have no pain. I hope we’ll be together once again and forever. I love you and miss you a lot.”
  • “We know you are celebrating this Christmas with Jesus. That is the thing we feel proud of you and feel happy for you. Heaven knows how much your dear ones are missing you this holiday.”
  • “There are no more tears and sorrows in Heaven. We are missing all our beloved ones this Christmas who are no more with us but we are satisfied because they are in a better place.”
  • “Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.” Alex MacLean
first merry Christmas in heaven quotes
  • “It may tear can build a roadway and our memories a lane then I’m sure I’d walk up in Heaven and bring you back to celebrate Merry Christmas with me.”
  • “I hope Christmas in Heaven must be amazing as streets are lined with Gold and air with the smell of roses. All the angels must sing the songs of pleasure and happiness in Heaven. I can’t wait to celebrate a Christmas in heaven with my dear ones.”
  • “It’s amazing to celebrate a Christmas in heaven with all the real delights and protocol. It will be a better Christmas festival than all on Earth. There are no sadness and heart breakage in heaven. Merry Christmas to all of those who are celebrating their first Christmas in heaven with Jesus.”
  • “I’m imagining the moment that how my all friends and family members are sitting at a table and laughing together and there is no stress and pain. They are very happy in heaven and celebrating Merry Christmas in heaven with all their heart.”
  • “Our beloved ones who are enjoying their first merry Christmas in heaven must have a happy time that will never be ended. I’m happy for them and want to see them happy in heaven.”
  • “I wish I could fly over my wings and knock at the door of heaven just to see you celebrating Christmas in heaven with precious blessings.”


Christmas is one of the biggest events of the year. It’s the time when we badly miss our beloved ones who passed away recently or many years ago. This holiday realizes us that it’s more than sharing gifts and wishes. But we are sure that all our beloved ones are celebrating Christmas in heaven with Jesus. Hence lots of Christmas in heaven quotes are shared for such beautiful people who were a part of our lives. 

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