70+ Christmas Friendship Quotes to Share With Your Buddies 

70+ Christmas Friendship Quotes to Share With Your Buddies 

Christmas is the most important and joyful festival of the year. It’s the time to wish Merry Christmas to your beloved ones, to say merry Christmas family and friends. The big day of the year seems to be happy and blessed when someone shows love and affection through their words in the form of Merry Christmas Quotes. Among all of your relationships your friends are the most worth having and an important part of your life. They also deserve to be wished in a very beautiful way. Hence, the most beautiful way to wish your friends is the Christmas friendship Quotes and beautiful Christmas messages for best friends. Just send them beautiful christmas friendship quotes and realize them about their value and importance in your life. 

Christmas Messages for Best Friends

Your best friends are the most important part of your life. That’s why you’ve to share the most beautiful and heart-touching christmas messages for best friends. Here are the short christmas quotes for friends and christmas wishes for best friend to post on instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms. 

  • “Merry Christmas to the closest person and my dear friend.”
  • “Merry Christmas! May you experience a magical Christmas with your best friend on Earth.”
  • “I’m grateful for having you this Christmas as my best friend. Merry Christmas my dear friend.”
  • “There is nothing more special and important than the presence of a true and sincere friend.”
  • “I can’t wait to celebrate this Christmas with the most important part of my life and it’s obviously my best friend.”
  • “I’m happy because It’s again a Christmas festival with my best friend since childhood.”
  • “The happiness of Christmas is incomplete without the presence and wishes of a best friend.” 
  • “For me Christmas means to wish the happiness and joys of merry christmas to my best friends and see them in get together parties.”
  • “This Christmas is special because all of my best friends are here around me. Merry Christmas my dear friends.”
  • “I’ll be your crime partner and best friend forever my dear. Merry Christmas my dear bestie.”
  • “Merry christmas to my everbest buddy.”
  • “Our strongest bond and friendship have made this Cjristmas season more beautiful and happy.”
  • “Merry Christrmas my dear friend and member of my family I’ve chosen for me.”
  • “No doubt your presence makes me feel happy and I’m very excited for the Christmas festival that we are going to celebrate with each other my dear.”
  • “My Christmas is incomplete without sending a message wishing merry Christmas to my best friend.”

Short Christmas Quotes for Friends

There’s no need to express your feelings for your friends in long paragraphs and essays. But it’s quite possible to feel special and important just by sending them short christmas quotes for friends. These special merry christmas wishes for friends will make them feel proud and show them how they mean to you in your life. Don’t waste the time and quickly select any of the short christmas quote for friends and send them on this festival of Christmas and say them “merry christmas to all my family and friends, you are so important to me”.

  • “I’m proud of our friendship. I’m always there for you my dear friend. Accept my heartwarming Christmas wishes at this festival.”
  • “Happy Christmas to the happiness of my life means my best friend.”
  • “I promise To never snowflakes our best friendship. Love you my bestie.”
  • “I’m thankful to you for being my best friend and for making my holidays more bright and even every season more merry.”
  • “Wishing you a very happy and merry Christmas. This festival of Christmas is more bright and blessed because of your presence around me my dear friend.”
  • “Whenever I felt lost in foggy nights, you were there brightening up the ways. Thank you for being my most important part of life.”
  • “Accept a heartwarming merry Christmas with lots of love and prayers from your best friend.”
  • “When I was a child, I wished from Santa to have a best friend in my life forever. Then Senta sent you into my life and I’m grateful for your presence and our friendship.”
  • “Thank you for bearing all my mood swings and making me laugh in every situation. No doubt, you mean the smile of my heart and soul, my dear best friend.”
  • “I always feel proud to have a sincere and loyal best friend like you in my life. Please accept the heartiest merry christmas wishes from your friend.”

Funny Christmas Messages for Friends

Your best friends are the best part of your life. You laugh together and it will be the best way to wish them this festival of Christmas in a funny way. Lets see some of the best and funny christmas messages for friends that are meant to share with your best friends. 

  • “The festival of Christmas is so full of fun and happiness. For me it’s an event that disappears all my savings. So it’s a magical Christmas. Merry Christmas my dear!”
  • “Merry Christmas and I hope your smile will be as big as your credit card bills. Keep a smiling face always!”
  • “I’m sharing lots of our funny memories and wishing to have lots of fun and blessings until the next Christmas festival.”
  • “It’s time to make everyone feel special. That’s why I’m sending these heartwarming merry Christmas wishes because you are my best friend.”
  • I just want to remind you that Chrsiatms is not all about drinking too much and I’m not there to carry you home. Merry Christmas my dear.”
  • “I wish and hope Santa will fill my bag and socks with money instead of gifts and toys. I know you are also wishing for the same thing. Merry Christmas my crime partner.”
  • “Christmas is all about to spend it’s single moment with good people. So make sure my dear to spend your Christmas holiday with me. Merry Christmas dear best friend.”
  • “Your heartwarming Christmas wishes have touched my heart and soul my dear. Now sending beautiful Christmas gifts will greatly please my eyes too. I’m waiting for my gift baby!”
  • “Wishing for your Christmas to be as fat as your belly my dear. Merry Christmas darling.”

Funny Christmas Message for Friendship

Merry christmas for best friend wishes mean a lot at this Christmas holiday. Because some funny christmas friendship quotes for friends will make them realize how much they mean to you. In fact, life is boring and incomplete without friends. Similarly, Christmas is incomplete and boring without merry Christmas bestie wishes and messages. So here a list of christmas funny quotes for friends, that are going to help you to wish them in a funny manner.

  • “Let’s enjoy this Christmas together with great fun and happiness until our name appears in Sant’s naughty list. Merry Christmas sweetheart!”
  • “Christmas is basically joyful for children and kids. But we can also enjoy this holiday with great fun until the credit card bill arrives. Merry Christmas to all of my best friends.”
  • “Make sure you are enjoying and smiling on this Christmas holiday. Because once the day is over no one will care whether you exist or not.”
  • “You know! Finally I’ve found the exact meaning of xmas, it’s for those people who can’t spell or speak Christmas. I’m sending Merry xmas wishes for friends to all of you.”
  • “I wish Sant doesn’t find all your flaws and faults that you’ve hidden in your blanket. Merry Christmas baby!”
  • “May you survive the priest’s speech in the Church and then join all of us in the party very soon. Merry Christmas my dear.”
  • “I pray that may Sant bless you with wings this Christmas so that you can fly and get lost from the Earth forever. Kidding my dear. Merry Christmas.”
  • “I just pray for you that all your celebrations and happiness will be big but your restaurant bill will be small. That is really impossible. Merry Christmas foodie.”

Merry Christmas to My Best Friend Quotes

  • “As all of you are sending me Christmas wishes one by one. So let me remind you that sending money in cash or credit card will be an amazing alternative too.”
  • “Once again, Merry Christmas to all my best friends. It’s very sad that no one ended up on Santa’s good list. Joking dear sweethearts.”
  • “I hope our Christmas festival will be full of fun and memories that will make us laugh while recalling this event.”
  • “Christmas is the season and holiday when people get out of money before they meet their friends. It’s really strange, guys. Merry christmas bestie.”
  • “Christmas is a special day. But we all together enjoy every day as if it’s Christmas. Wishing you a very blessed merry christmas festival.”
  • “Christmas is not all about sharing messages and cards. It’s also about offering lunch or dinner in an amazing restaurant. I’m ready to accept your offer dear!”
christmas friendship quotes
  • “A plum is a plum, a peach is a peach, kiss is not a kiss unless it’s with tongue. So come close to me, close your eyes, open your mouth, interlock your lips with my lips, and give your tongue some romantic exercise. Merry Christmas sweetheart.”
  • Christmas is all about enjoying and celebrating. Let’s do something different and guess everyone’s sizes. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “The best presents of christmas are only those given by a warm heart. But sending cash and gift cards are much more heart-touching and effective. Merry Christmas my best friend.”
  • “Christmas is a festival for making unforgettable memories and remembering your family. You are my best friend and a part of my family. Merry Chrisrmas bestie.”

Best Friend Special Friend Merry Christmas Wishes

Best friends are always so special in our life that we share our all moments and feeling with them. Here are the christmas wishes for family and friends that you can use to wish your friends and family and also to xmas messages for friends.

  • “There are four different stages in everyone’s life. 1) You believe in Senta. 2) You don’t believe in Senta.3) You wish for Ssenta.4) You look like Senta. Merry Christmas my dear friend.”
  • “Senta was looking at a painting in which a naked woman was standing by covering her body parts with leaves. Senta asked that lady what are you doing there? She replied, “Waiting for the Autumn.“ Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “My dear Senta! If you promise me to give me all the things present in my wishlist. Then I promise to give you an antinode of the poisonous snacks you just ate! Merry Chriatmas.”
  • “I wish Senta would come and give me all the Christmas gifts and cards. But he demands to take away you with him and I quickly say ok take my bestie and give me these presents. Just joking my dear. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “May God bless everyone this Christmas including you, me, and all of us champions. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “I wish that Senta has giants for the fastest production of Christmas gifts and presents. Then we can get a maximum of gifts from Senta. Merry Christmas my best friend.”
  • “Merry Christmas my dear! I hope this holiday will fill your heart with the feeling of true love and sincerity that I have for you in my heart.”
  • “May you and your family be blessed this Christmas holiday. May you have lots of happy moments with me as I’m your best friend.”
christmas friendship quotes
  • “If I’ve to enlist all the rare and precious things in my life. I’ll mention our friendship at the top of the list. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”
  • “This Christmas, I want to tell you that I consider our friendship as the most valuable, important, and enduring blessing of my life. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “Merry Christmas to my best friend. I wish to experience all of the joys, blessings, and happiness of the day because you deserve it.”
  • “You must be thankful to God every time. Because you are very lucky to have a best friend like me. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”
  • Merry Christmas Bestie with love and lots of wishes.”

Special Merry Christmas for Best Friend Sayings

Special friends deserve some special wishes on special events. Hence, Christmas is the most valuable and important festival of the year. So your best friends deserve a special merry christmas for best friend wishes. Look below and share these special Christmas quotes to your best friends. 

  • “Friends do not look like best friends until they drink together and have lots of fun. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”
  • “Best friends are those who hang out together, play together, and make unforgettable memories to live life happily.”
  • “Dude! I’m Christ-Missing you this holiday season. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “All I want on this Christmas festival is just to plan a memorable trip with you my dear. Just pack your luggage and start an amazing journey with me.”
christmas friendship quotes
  • “Merry Christmas to my faraway bestie. Distance doesn’t matter when your hearts are connected with each other. Accept my heartwarming Merry Christmas wishes.”
  • “Without your Christmas is not as happy as it was the year before. But I wish that your holiday will be very blessed and joyful.”
  • “Christmas is all about being in your homes with your families as the heart is inside your body. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”
  • “Of all the Cchristmas gifts Love is the most precious one. I love you so much my dude. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “Our friendship doesn’t need any special day to wish and enjoy with each other. Because it feels like Christmas whenever we meet and spend time with each other. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “To me, what’s the most important and valuable? It’s family, friends, and neighbors.”
  • “Christmas is the time to show your love for your family and friends. That’s why I’m sending you a bunch of flowers with my heart! Merry Christmas my best friend.”

Beautiful Christmas Friendship Quotes

  • “No doubt, the true spirit of Christmas lies within our hearts. But let’s show this hidden love to our family and especially friends. Merry Christmas to my best friends.”
  • “Merry Christmas dude! Let us brighten the lives of others this Chrsitams by sharing love and gifts with them. Let’s start with ourselves.”
  • “Christmas is here once again with new spirits and joys. I wish all of them will be for you in the upcoming year. Merry Christmas dude.”
  • “Christmas holiday is just for visiting your friends house with amazing Christmas gifts. Waiting for you! Come along with my gift.”
  •  “A joy that is shared with your friends and others is a joy made double. Let’s celebrate the joys of Christmas together.” 
christmas friendship quotes
  • “Christmas will always be there as long as we have hand in hand and we stand heart to heart. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”
  • “It’s quite impossible to show you how you mean to me. So simply I’m wishing you a happy and joyful Christmas holiday.”
  • “I can’t wait to see you my dear. Just come to me and receive your beautiful Christmas gift. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “Christmas is a day of traditions and meaning, everyone must spend this special day in a warm circle of family and friends. Merry Christmas to my best friend.”

Fantastic Christmas Message for Friendship

Friendship is a very beautiful feeling that makes us feel rich having company of faithful friends. On this christmas, every friend deserve some beautiful wishes and secret Santa funny messages for friends. Let’s make our friendship more beautiful on this christmas with these friendship quotes.

  • “Our faithful friends who are always dear to us, will gather near to us once more because of the Christmas holiday. Merry Chriatmas dear.”
  • “The festival of Christmas is just like glue because it always keeps us together. But I’m very happy for my friends to get together.”
  • “Christmas gives us a chance to spread love, affection, and pure feelings for our dear ones.”
  • “The most important and valuable gift that I’ve found this year is the gift of our true friendship. I’m blessed to have you as my best friend.”
  • “The way you spend your Christmas holiday is far more important than how much. So make sure your day is spent in a great way and with sweet people.”
christmas friendship quotes
  • “Finding a best friend and making memorable moments with him\hr is the actual happiness of life. I’m  very happy for today meet up guys!”
  • “The wait is over guys! And we are alive to enjoy another Christmas of our life. Just make it more memorable and special. Because there is no guarantee for the next Christmas to be enjoyed by us.”
  • “Love is hidden is true friendship and I found my whole world in you my love. Merry Christmas bestie.”
  • “Wishing you a happiest and delighted Christmas holiday once again.”
  • “I wish Senta would come and take both of us with him because I want a separate world with my best friend.”

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Everyone finds a Christmas festival every year. This is the most important and valuable event of the year. Its celebration includes sharing beautiful Christmas wishes for your family and friends. Christmas friendship quotes and merry christmas for best friend quotes are the best ways to wish them Merry Chraitmas. Must share this post with your beloved ones and family members to help in finding the best wishes for their best friends. Keep in touch for further amazing quotes and sayings that will change your life. 

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