Best Travel Destinations in December 

Best Travel Destinations in December 

December is one of the coldest months of the year and is considered the best month to travel across different countries of the world. That’s why it’s a great way to end your year with some memorable moments with your family, or friends. So let’s consider the best travel destinations in December with your beloved ones. And take a step to make your year-end with precious smiles and memories. Because time passes, but memories remain and make you feel special throughout your life. 

Hence, December is the end of the year and many people are looking for the best travel destinations for honeymoon. Let’s have a look at the amazing and irresistible best places to vacation in December. 

Top 5 Place To Visit in December 

There are countless best travel destinations around the world. But we are going to talk about the destinations that could be decided for your December vacation. But we are going to reveal the top 5 places to visit in December. Because your holidays are very important and you have to explore the best part of the world with your spouse, family, or friends. 

List of Places 

Here is the list that will reveal the names of the best places for you to travel in the month of December. Such as

  1. Cape town 
  2. Sydney 
  3. Singapore 
  4. Krabi 
  5. Maldives 

Let’s consider these given places and make your year-ending most beautiful and memorable forever. 

1. Cape Town

It is the Southernmost city in Africa. Hence, known as the best place to visit for couples and love birds. You can explore beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife scenes, and the white sandy banks. So it’s the best place you can explore with your loved ones in December. 

Cape Town Stadium the best place to travel

Cape Town Stadium 

Must Visit Spots in Cape Town  

Cape Town is a place of great charm and beauty for visitors, especially for couples. There are some of the most important spots where you can go and make memories along with amazing pictures.  You must visit these spots:

  • Table Mountain
  • National Botanical Garden
  • Robben Island
  • Two Oceans Aquarium
  • Castle of Good Hope

Must-Shop Things in Cape Town 

There are some of famous articles that are popular in Cape Town. Visitors are highly interested in buying some popular and special items from the place they visit. Whenever you have a plan to visit Cape Town, you must buy these enlisted products. Such as

  • Diamonds
  • Leather Handbags
  • Ardmore Ceramic Art
  • Beadwork Craft

Recreational Activities in Cape Town 

You are free to enjoy yourself in Cape Town by exploring different activities. But the most amazing and popular activities to do here are as follows:

  • Beach hopping
  • Hiking to Table Mountain
  • Wine Tasting
  • Visit Robben Island

Weather Conditions

The average temperature of Cape Town remains about 30 degrees Celcius. But the considerable point is that it rains too much. So pack your luggage according to the weather conditions and temperature fluctuations of the desired place where you are going to spend your December vacation. 

2. Sydney

Sydney is one of the dreamlands of visitors. This is the Australian City with lots of remarkable places to visit and explore multiple activities. Including shopping and recreational activities. Australia is a great country and there are lots of the best places to visit in Australia. Here are lots of monuments that will attract the attention of visitors from all around the world. Moreover, there are also interesting Scienceseeing projects that will make you feel intense about the advancement of technology and Science. 

Sydney Natural Beauty For Travelers in December

Sydney Nature View 

Reasons to Visit Sydney 

There are the following aspects of Sydney that will make you feel that it’s the best travel destination in December. Such as

  • Thriving Immigrant Population 
  • Cultural Dynamism 
  • Cosmopolitan Vibes 
  • Iconic Monuments 
  • A lead-class Restaurants 
  • Science Sightseeing Projects 

Must Visit Spots in Sydney 

You must visit these mentioned spots when you’ll go to Sydney with your family or friends. Because these places are the hearts of Sydney. Visitors prefer these spots to visit for making unforgettable memories. Such as

  • Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • Opera House
  • Bondi Beach
  • Taronga Zoo

Must-Shop Things in Sydney 

You must shop for these given things from Sydney. Because these are the best things to buy and to give your loved ones. Such as:

  • Emu Oils
  • Opla
  • Ugg Boots
  • Macadamia Nuts

Because these are considered the best products in Sydney.

Weather Conditions in December

The temperature of Sydney varies from the other parts of Australia. Because the other parts are slightly hot and warm but Sydney has some variable and different weather. Because its temperature ranges between 18-25 degrees Celcius.  

3. Singapore

If you are looking for the best place to visit in December in Asia then Singapore is the best option. This is a modern city in Asia. All the roots of Asian countries and cultures gather here and give you a collective look at Asian culture

Singapore Night View In December

Singapore Night Beauty

Attractive Aspects for Travelers 

Here are lots of the things that attract the attention of visitors across the world. Some of the travelers come here for making memories and enjoying their holidays. Because they feel attracted to these aspects:

  • Entertainment Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Sounds and Lights
  • Shopping Areas
  • Delicious Cuisines

Must Visit Places in Singapore 

Whenever you visit Singapore either with family or friends, don’t forget to visit these amazing places. Such as

  • Sentosa Island
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Merlin’s Fountain
  • Little India

These places are of great charm and beauty. Hence, tourists and travelers are highly attracted to these spots in Singapore. 

Must-Shop Products in Singapore 

Don’t come back to your hometown without buying the following most popular products from Singapore. Such as

  • Orchid Perfumes
  • Minitaure Merlions
  • Coconut jam
  • Laksa paste

These are very popular and important products in Singapore. 

Weather Conditions in December

You can enjoy pleasant weather in December. Because the temperate ranges between 25-31 Degrees Celcius in the month of December. So pack your luggage according to the temperature and weather effects of Singapore.  

4. Maldives 

If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon and vacation plan then Maldives will be the best option for you. Because of its ideological and attractive beaches and environment, it is the dreamland for every couple. 

Maldives Best Destination to Travel in December

Maldives Natural Attraction

Reason of Popularity 

Maldives is so popular because of these iconic and charming spots for visitors and travelers. Such as

  • Small Islets
  • Incredible Resorts
  • Aqua Blue Water
  • Pristine Beaches

You will be amazed to explore and visit the Maldives with your spouse, love, friend, or family to create a memorable time. 

Must-Shop Products in Maldives 

Every travel destination has a specific product that is associated with that place. Similarly, some of these mentioned products are so special and you must buy these items whenever you’ll visit Maldives. Such as

  • Miniature Boats
  • Soap and bathing products
  • Mats

Have an amazing shopping experience in Maldives and have lots of memorable moments. 

Recreational Activities 

You have to experience these activities while enjoying a Romantic Honeymoon in the Maldives. Such as

  • Snorkeling
  • Overnight Stay in a Water Villa
  • Dine at an Underwater Restaurant

Weather in December 

December is the rainiest month of the year in Maldives. The temperature lies between 25-35 Degrees Celcius. 

5. Krabi 

In fact, Thailand is the ever-dreamy land of couples when they are looking for the best travel destinations in December. Moreover, this is one of the richest, most diverse, and most dynamic countries in the world. 

Krabi is a province of Thailand. Hence it is located on the southwest coast of Thailand. The land is littered with the following amazing things. Such as

  • Gorgeous Limestone Mounds
  • White Sand Beaches
  • Aqua Blue Waters

Krabi is a very popular place in the world among honeymooners, travelers, family tours, luxurious organizational tours, and Explorers. 

Krabi Beautiful Place to visit

Krabi (Thailand)

Places To Visit In Krabi 

When you’ll go to Krabi for any type of tour or visit, don’t forget to visit the following spots. Such as

  • Phi Phi Islands
  • Ao Nang
  • Ko Phi Phi Don
  • Ko Lanta

Famous Products of Krabi 

There are some products that you must buy from Krabi. Because these products are well-known across the world. Such as

  • Elephant Pants
  • Soap Carvings
  • Thai Tribal Handicrafts

Recreational Ideas For Krabi Visitors 

There are some ideas for you if you are thinking of traveling to Krabi. Such as

  • Phi Phi Islands
  • Railay Beach
  • Ko Lanta Yai
  • Ko Poda

Weather Conditions in December

You must consider the weather conditions of the place where you are going to travel. So it’s necessary to know that the overall temperature of Krabi is almost Cool. Hence, the temperature remains about 30 Degrees Celcius


The given above places are considered the best travel destinations in December. Because the weather conditions and recreational activities are very charming for visitors. Moreover, the natural beauty of these best travel destinations such as Maldives, Singapore, and Cape Town are of great concern to travelers. These places are just like paradise on Earth. Because the environment is so clear and health-friendly. So  Select any of these romantic and beautiful travel destinations in December. 

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