🀞 Crossed Fingers Emoji

🀞 Crossed Fingers Emoji

The crossed fingers emoji 🀞 is commonly used to express a gesture of hope, luck, or wishing for good fortune. The emoji depicts a hand with the index and middle fingers crossed, symbolizing the act of crossing one’s fingers. It is often used to convey a sense of optimism or to express a desire for something positive to happen. 

People may use this emoji in various contexts, such as when wishing for good luck in a situation, hoping for a positive outcome, or expressing support and encouragement to others.

Note: The emoji 🀞 was approved as a part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016. But it was added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016. It was approved under the name β€œHand with Indexed and Middle Fingers Crossed”.

🀞 Crossed Fingers Emoji Meaning

The finger emoji 🀞 is primarily used to express a gesture of hope, luck, or wishing for good fortune. It is often used to convey a sense of optimism or to express a desire for something positive to happen. Here are a few common meanings associated with it. 

  • Wishing for Luck
  • Hoping for a Positive Outcome
  • Superstition and Belief
  • Support and Encouragement

It’s important to note that emoji meanings can vary based on context and personal interpretation. The intended meaning can be influenced by the accompanying text or the cultural context in which it is used.

However, like with any emoji, its interpretation can vary depending on the context and the personal experiences or cultural associations of the individual using it. People also prefer 10000 emojis copy and paste in addition to this curling fingers emoji. 

🀞 Crossed Fingers Emoji Copy & Paste 

Copy & Paste the Crossed Fingers Emoji: 🀞

Similar Emojis 

Here are lots of other emojis that are relatively similar to this 🀞 Crossed fingers gesture. People also search for these emojis for the same context or purpose. Such as 🀏 Pinching Hand emoji. 🀲 Palms Up Together Emoji. ✌️ Victory Hand emoji. 🀘 Sign of the Horns emoji. 🀟 I Love You Gesture. πŸ’“ Beating Heart Emoji. πŸ’˜ Heart With Arrow Emoji. πŸ’ Kiss. πŸ’‹ Kiss Mark. ❀️ Red Heart. β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή Mending Heart Emoji. πŸ₯€ Wilted Flower Emoji. 🌺 Hibiscus. πŸ’• Two Hearts Emoji. ❀️‍πŸ”₯  Heart on Fire emoji. πŸͺ· Lotus. πŸ’Ÿ Heart Decoration Emoji. πŸ’Œ Love Letter Emoji. 🧸 Teddy Bear. 🌷 Tulip. 🀍 White Heart.. 🎁 Wrapped Gift. πŸ’— Growing heart emoji. πŸ’ Heart With Ribbon Emoji.

Popular Combinations with Other Emojis 

Here are some popular combinations of the 🀞 emoji: 

  • πŸ€žπŸ€: Combining the crossed fingers emoji with the four-leaf clover emoji represents a double dose of luck and well-wishing. It’s often used when hoping for good luck in a specific endeavor. 
  • πŸ€žπŸ€—: Pairing the crossed fingers emoji with the hugging face emoji expresses support, encouragement, and well wishes for someone. It’s a way to show that you’re rooting for them and sending positive vibes. 
  • 🀞✨: This combination signifies hoping for a magical or extraordinary outcome. The crossed fingers emoji combined with the sparkles emoji represents the desire for something special or fantastic to happen. 
  • πŸ€žπŸ™: When combined with the folded hands emoji, the crossed fingers emoji signifies not only hope but also a sense of prayer or deep wishing. It’s often used to express a sincere desire for a positive outcome. 
  • 🀞❀️️: Pairing the crossed fingers emoji with the red heart emoji represents wishing someone good luck and sending them love and positive energy. It’s commonly used to express affectionate support. 
  • 🀞πŸ’ͺ: Combining the crossed fingers emoji with the flexed biceps emoji represents a hopeful wish for strength and success. It’s often used to encourage someone in their endeavors or to express personal determination. 

These combinations are just a few examples, and you can mix and match the crossed fingers emoji with various other emojis to convey different meanings and sentiments based on the context. 

Appearance on Multiple Platforms 

This emoji 🀞 is represented on multiple trending platforms. But there may be a slight difference in their colors, size, shape, or designs. 


Crossed fingers emoji

Google Microsoft 

Hand with index and middle fingers crossed


Gesture of hope and luck


Symbol of optimism and positive wishes


Wishing for good luck


Expressing hopeful anticipation


Gesturing fingers crossed for a positive outcome


Symbolic gesture of faith in luck


Gesture of support and encouragement


Hand  with crossed fingers for good fortune


Crossed fingers symbol

Also Known As 

  • 🀞 Fingers Crossed 
  • 🀞 Good Luck

Apple Name

  • 🀞 Fingers Crossed


  • 🀞 U+1F91E


  • :crossed_fingers: (GitHub, Slack, Worldtrendsblog)
  • :fingers_crossed: (Discord)
  • :hand_with_index_and_middle_finger_crossed: (Discord)
  • :hand_with_index_and_middle_fingers_crossed: (Slack)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 🀏 Pinching Hand gesture: 

What does the crossed fingers emoji mean??

The emoji 🀞 primarily represents a gesture of hope, luck, or wishing for good fortune. It is often used to express optimism, a desire for a positive outcome, or to wish someone good luck.

Can the crossed fingers emoji be used sarcastically?

Yes, like many other emojis, the curled fingers emoji can be used sarcastically. Depending on the context and accompanying text, it can be employed to imply insincerity, disbelief, or a lack of genuine hope.

Are there cultural or regional differences in the meaning of the finger emoji?

While the Hand fingers gesture generally symbolizes luck or hope, interpretations, and cultural associations can vary. In some cultures, crossing fingers may have specific meanings or superstitious beliefs. It’s essential to consider cultural contexts when using emojis.

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