🤯 Exploding Head Emoji

🤯 Exploding Head Emoji

The exploding head emoji 🤯 is often used to convey a sense of shock, disbelief, or amazement. It can be used in various contexts to express intense surprise or overwhelm. The visual representation of an exploding head with scattered fragments is a metaphorical way of depicting the feeling of one’s mind being blown or overwhelmed by something extraordinary or unexpected.

Note: The emoji 🤯 was approved as a part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017. But it was added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017. This emoticon was approved under the name “Shocked Face with Exploding Head”. 

🤯 Exploding Head Emoji Meaning

This emoji is commonly used in online conversations, social media posts, and text messages to emphasize the speaker’s astonishment or to react to surprising news, mind-boggling ideas, incredible achievements, or unexpected events. It’s a way to convey a sense of being mentally overwhelmed by what has been witnessed or heard. This emoji is used to express multiple types of feelings and meaning depending on the context. Such as 

  • Shock Reactions 
  • Mind-Blown Moments 
  • Unbelievable Facts
  • Unexpected Outcomes 
  • Sensory Overload  

It’s important to note that emoji meanings can vary based on context and personal interpretation. The intended meaning can be influenced by the accompanying text or the cultural context in which it is used. People also prefer 10000 emojis copy and paste in addition to this Head Exploding emoji. 

🤯 Exploding Head Emoji Copy & Paste 

Copy & Paste the Exploding Head Emoji: 🤧 

Similar Emojis 

Here are lots of other emojis that are relatively similar to this 🤯 Exploding Head. People also search for these emojis for the same context or purpose. Such as 😷 Face with Surgical Mask Emoji. 🤒 Face with Thermometer. 🤮 Face Vomiting. 🏥 Hospital.💊 Pill. 😖 Confounded Face. 😢 Crying Face. 😥 Sad but Relieved Face. 🥴 Woozy Face. 🤗 Smiling Face with Open Hands. 💘 Heart With Arrow Emoji. 💏 Kiss. 💋 Kiss Mark. ❤️ Red Heart.🤢 Nauseated Face. 😣 Persevering Face. 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing. 😪 Sleepy Face. 💦 Sweat Droplets. 🌡️ Thermometer. 😩 Weary Face. ❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji. 🚑 Ambulance. 🛏️ Bed. 🩼 Crutch.

Popular Combinations with Other Emojis 

The 🤯 emoji is commonly used in various combinations to express different sentiments or situations. Here are some popular combinations: 

  • 🤯🔥: This combination adds an extra layer of intensity and excitement to the astonishment. It could be used to express being “mind-blown” by something incredibly impressive or exciting. 
  • 🤯😱: By combining the exploding head emoji with the face screaming in fear emoji, this combination emphasizes extreme shock or disbelief. It conveys a sense of being utterly astonished or terrified by something unexpected. 
  • 🤯😮: Pairing the exploding head emoji with the face with open mouth emoji indicates a state of speechlessness and overwhelming surprise. It signifies being so astonished that one is left without words. 
  • 🤯🙌: This combination conveys a sense of being mind-blown and impressed to the point of applauding or celebrating. It can be used to show immense admiration or appreciation for something incredible or surprising. 
  • 🤯💡: Combining the exploding head emoji with the light bulb emoji represents the idea of having a “eureka” moment or a sudden realization that blows one’s mind. It suggests a moment of enlightenment or understanding that is incredibly profound. 
  • 🤯❓: This combination signifies being so surprised or shocked that one is left with a sense of confusion or questioning. It can be used to express a state of being utterly bewildered or amazed by something unexpected. 

Remember that emoji interpretations can vary depending on the context and the individual using them. These combinations are generally understood, but people may have different interpretations based on personal experiences and cultural differences.

Appearance on Multiple Platforms 

This emoji 🤯 is represented on multiple trending platforms. But there may be a slight difference in their colors, size, shape, or designs. 


shocked and amazed face emoji

Google Microsoft 

Shocked face


mind-blowing amazement


overwhelming shocked emoji


unexpected outcome results


awe emoji


head signifying astonishment emoji


amazed emoji with open mouth


extraordinary amazement emoji


extreme surprise emoji


disbelief emoji

Also Known As 

  • 🤯 Mind Blown

Apple Name

  • 🤯 Exploding Head

Unicode Name 

  • 🤯 Shocked Face with Exploding Head


  • 🤯 U+1F92F


  • :exploding_head: (Discord, GitHub, Slack, Worldtrendsblog)
  • :shocked_face_with_exploding_head: (Slack)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 🤯 Emoji:

What does the head emoji 🤯 mean?

The exploding head emoji represents a state of extreme shock, disbelief, or overwhelming surprise. It is often used to convey the feeling of being mentally blown away by something astonishing or unexpected.

How do I use the exploding emoji 🤯?

You can use the exploding head emoji to react to surprising news, mind-boggling ideas, incredible achievements, or unexpected events. It’s a way to convey a sense of being mentally overwhelmed or astonished. Simply insert the emoji into your text-based conversation or social media post when you want to emphasize your astonishment or disbelief.

Can the emoji 🤯 be used sarcastically?

Yes, the exploding head emoji can be used sarcastically to imply being underwhelmed or unimpressed by something that is supposed to be astonishing. It can add a humorous or ironic twist to your message.

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