Good Morning Love Quotes & Wishes

Good Morning Love Quotes & Wishes

Morning Wishes for Love is such a romantic and lovely thing to start a happy day. In fact, the best good morning love quotes and messages are such a type of fuel that will make him/her fresh and peaceful for the entire day. It’s quite natural to feel the romantic morning quotes and to respond to them in your imagination while you are in love. If you are in love and want to make your lover most attracted, interested, addicted, sincere, and romantic toward you, don’t forget to send him Good Morning Quotes every morning. Here are lots of goodmorning wishes for love to share. 

The worth of Good Morning Love Quotes

Morning wishes for love are worth having for you. Because it’ll be very relaxing and satisfying to see romantic morning quotes from your BF/GF. Morning wishes for love are enough powerful to spread a smile on your lover’s face. It will help him/her to remember you in the time of morning and it’s a great effort to strengthen your love relationship. You must be crazy for your love and make him/her addicted to your Good Morning Love Quotes. Hence, whenever he/she will open his/her eyes he/she sees your romantic good morning quotes and can’t stop his/her smile. 

But if you’ll be silly or careless about your lover and will stop sending him/her sweet good morning love messages, it will badly affect your relationship. So be wise and select goodmorning wishes for love. 

Types of Goodmorning Wishes for Love

It’s very necessary to understand the specific selection of suitable good morning love messages for your sweetheart. Because everyone deserves some different kinds of good morning love quotes. So depending upon the types of situation, circumstances, and relationship, choose effective and powerful goodmorning wishes for love and others to share with them. A suitable selection of words will make you more sensible near your receiver.

Multiple Categories of Love Quotes 

Here are multiple options for goodmorning wishes for love to send this different category-based list:

  • Love Quotes for Him 
  • Love Quotes for Her 
  • Romantic Good Morning Quotes
  • Good Morning Love Messages 
  • Good Morning Love Quotes 
  • Morning Wishes for Love 
  • Good Morning Wife Quotes 
  • Goodmorning Wishes for Love 
  • Romantic Morning Quotes 
  • Goodmorning Wishes for Husband 

All of these categories are based on the type of your relationship with the person to whom you are going to send Good Morning Quotes. Keep on reading and you’ll find all the best and lovely good morning love messages to send in the morning. 

Add Emojis to GoodMorning Wishes for Love!

Your romantic morning quotes will be more effective and heart-touching if you’ll add some emojis to express your emotions and feelings. Because they can help us to clearly explain what are we thinking and feeling for someone. So there are multiple emojis that can add beauty and attraction to your romantic good morning quotes. But the selection of emojis is an excellent task to perform. You have to select the most relevant and suitable emojis in your section that will add meaning and clarity to your best good morning wishes for lover. 

List of Emojis for Love Quotes 

Here are some of the best emojis to add to your romantic good morning wishes for love along with their meanings. 

  • ❣️ (Heart with a small dot shows that your message is pure and full of feelings.)
  • 💓 (Red Heart with vibration shows the influence of your lover on your emotions and feelings. It will make him/her aware of your extreme-level feelings.)
  • 💞 (Revolving Hearts means both of you have the same lovely feelings for each other.)
  • 💕 (Double Heart represents the connection and interaction between two souls.)
  • 💐 (A Bunch of flowers is always used for representing respect and love in one frame.)
  • 😘 (Kissing emojis will add intense feelings to your GoodMorning wishes for Love.)
  • 🥰 (Smiling face with three hearts will give a meaning of gratitude and happiness to your good morning love messages.)
  • 🌹 (Red rose is the symbol of pure love. It will be used for all Good Morning Love Quotes.)
  • ❤️ (Red Heart is a symbol of Love & Affection between opposite genders.)
  • 🧡 (Orange Heart may be used for Good Morning Love Messages.)
  • 💛 (Yellow Heart is used when worse in relationships. It will show your hate or carelessness to the person.)
  • 💚 (Most people used this heart when they feel happy and close to nature.)
  • 💗 (Pink vibrating heart can be used in lovely morning messages for soft, gentle, pure, and sincere feelings for your love.)
  • 💖 (Sparkling Heart Emoji can be used for giving a sense of pleasure and fulfillment.)
  • 💝(Red Heart with a ribbon will be used after good morning my love quotes that mean you have given your heart to your love.)
  • 💘 (Red Heart with an arrow explains the pain you feel for your lover. So use it after Good Morning love messages.)

Also, Use Other Emojis 

  • ❤️‍+🔥 (These emojis will show you collectively on your gadgets. It means that your heart is on fire for your love. Use it in romantic good morning quotes to show your status of feelings.)
  • 💔 (A Broken Red Heart will be used to explain that you felt hurt for some reason. You can also use it when you have a breakup.)

Good Morning Love Quotes 

Love Quotes are the best way to send morning wishes to your lover. Best good morning wishes for lover are helpful for warming up him for that day. Here are the best goodmorning wishes for love to copy and paste on any of the multiple social media platforms or send to your lover. 

  1. ” Good morning! I love you, baby! You are the person who refreshes my soul just by touching me in the imagination.” 
  2. “ You are the fulfillment of my dreams and wishes. The dreams that I’ve ever seen and you are the blessings for which I prayed always.”
  3. “ Wake up my Love and see how beautiful flowers, bright sunshine, and countless love is waiting for you to say a very happy good morning.”
  4. “ Morning is all about wishing for you to be with me and to see how beautiful rays of the sun brighten our souls together. Good Morning!”
  5. “ Good morning with a sweet smile and countless good wishes.”
  6. “ Open your eyes and see my Good Morning Wishes are on your doorstep. I’ve sent thousands of prayers and love to you. Good morning!”
  7. “ Good morning message is not a message, it’s the proof that you come to my mind even when I start opening my eyes. Have a blessed day love!”
  8. “ I love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and I ❤️ you forever.”
  9. “ Your passion is the real fuel that is required to drive your happy life. Good Morning!”
  10.  “ Good morning my sweetheart! You’ve made me smile and warm my heart every day. I love you more than ever before my baby!”
  11.  “ Your presence makes me enough powerful to smile all day and shines my life. Good morning!”

Morning Love Quotes 

Morning is the best time to recall your love for your best friend, spouse, lover, husband, or wife. So show your feelings full of love and sincerity to your beloved person. Here are the best goodmorning wishes for love, friends, spouses, husband, or wife. Hence, start your day by sending them lovely and romantic good morning quotes and have the magic of these love quotes. 

  1. “Good morning, sweetheart! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with blessings, joy, fun, success, satisfaction, and every ounce of happiness that you deserve. Love you so much, my dear!.”
  2. “Have a delightful day. May you find happiness and may every problem gets solved and vanished from your life. Good morning!”
  3. “Wishing you a day full of our memories. Sending you lots of hugs 🫂 and kisses 😘 to make you most energetic and refresh.”
  4. “Every morning allows me to love you, care for you! and make you feel special all the time. Good morning my love!”
  5. “Good Morning to you! I realize every morning of the new day how lucky I am to find my perfect soulmate like you in this lifetime!”
  6. “Thanks a lot my love to be with me through thick & thin. Love you a lot, my dear. Good Morning!”
  7. “It’s impossible to wake up in the morning without your thoughts and without feeling your presence. So it’s full of pleasure to wake up with your thoughts. Love you!”
  8. “Good morning! A beautiful day is waiting outside just for you to explore it on your way. Open your eyes & experience the excellence of nature around you including me.”
  9. “My love for you is forever and it will never die my dear. You’ll live in my everyday morning and night thoughts. Good morning my love.”

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Lovely Morning Messages 

You can also share some heart-touching and lovely goodmorning love messages with your soulmate, love, friends, or anyone you want to share. These are unique and amazing morning wishes for wife and goodmorning wishes for husband. 

  1. “Wake up my dear! It’s morning outside and everything is incomplete without your presence. Good morning my love.”
  2. “Wake up baby! and give me a tight hug full of strength that is enough powerful for me to face all the worst things of the day. Good morning sweetheart!”
  3. “I hope and pray for you to achieve all your desires and goals today. Good morning baby!”
  4. “My soul refreshes and feels peaceful moments while going to imagine my mornings with you. Love you, my love.”
  5. “My sweetheart it’s not tiring and boring for assuring you of my pure love for you. It will always be fresh as a new morning arises every day. GoodMorning my love!”
  6. “Happiest good morning! Wishing you a day filled with pleasures and peace.”
  7. “Love means different for everyone. But it’s just you according to my dictionary. Wishing a happy good morning to my love.”
  8. “Wake up baby! I can’t wait to be in your arms to feel some heavenly moments in my day. Good Morning darling!”
  9. “Healthy relationships require constant expressing your feelings. That’s why I’m going to say Good Morning my love and lifeline.”
  10. “Have a beautiful day ahead. Good morning to my favorite person!”
  11. “I can’t imagine my days without sending you lovely morning messages that can touch your heart and soul. Because you matter more than anything in the world.”
  12. “Love is life, and life is you! Wishing you a warm Good Morning.”
  13. “Wake up baby! It’s time to wake up and fill my day with bright and shining colors with your smiling face & peaceful hugs”.

Goodmorning Wishes for Husband

It’s very romantic to share goodmorning wishes for husband whenever he is just far away or near you. It’s amazing to show your love and sincerity to your soulmate. For your convenience, we’ve mentioned lots of best and unique goodmorning wishes for husband to share in the morning. See morning wishes for love and send them quickly. 

  1. “Having you by my side always makes me feel proud. I think how lucky I’m to have you in my life as a blessing. Good morning sweetheart!”
  2. “My dear Darling! I’m going to wish you a happy good morning full of joys, happiness, and my thoughts even during office time. Love you my lifeline.”
  3. “Love you forever my life partner! You’ll find me by your side in every thick and thin of your life. Just stay loyal to me.”
  4. “I think you are the reward of all my good deeds that I ever had intentionally or intentionally. Feeling proud to have mornings with you like this!”
  5. “The very first wish that I have in mind is to see you by my side. Good morning baby!”
  6. “I’m excited to have another morning to start it by wishing you lots of love & peace. Good morning my love!”
  7. “Your love is so powerful that it gives me a reason to live and to wake up earlier in the morning.”
  8. “It’s a fairy tail to love you and you are the best thing in my life. I’m feeling proud to have you in my life.”
  9. “Wishing a very happy Good morning to the person who has lit my life. Who has touched my soul? Love your presence and support.”
  10. “Of course! I’ll surrender my whole world to you if that is the only way I could become a part of yours.”

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Unique Goodmorning Husband Quotes

Let’s have a look at amazing and unique goodmorning husband quotes to make him feel better and fresh every morning. Good morning love quotes have enough power to make him feel your love and to encourage him not to lose such a wife like you. 

  1. “I feel peace and safe. Whenever I see you around me it’s pleasuring. Thanks for being a beautiful part of my life.”
  2. “I’m thankful for having such a nice person like you. Baby, you mean a lot to me. Good morning!”
  3. “Your morning kiss is like fuel that keeps me fresh and satisfied the whole day. So get up and give me my morning kiss.”
  4. “Your thoughts are the reason to smile and to blush my cheeks in every situation of my days and nights.”
  5. “I’m completely yours physically and mentally, and I just love this feeling of being yours. Morning, my hubby.”
  6. “I’ve seen the beautiful moments of life. It’s all about your presence around me and holding me tight in your arms. Good morning my Love!”
  7. “My love! You are an amazing song with sweet lyrics that I ever like to listen to and feel in days and nights.”
  8. “My days are dark without you and nights are completely dull without you my baby. Get up and make me feel relaxed with your tight hugs.”
  9. “Baby! You are my strength and support forever. Love you a lot. Good morning!”
  10. “Sending you Good morning wishes and hope these may brighten up your day like sun rays.”
  11. “Love is not all about sharing a bed with you on romantic nights. It’s all about sharing my everything & deep feelings with you my hubby! Good morning.”
  12. “Get up baby! It’s time to have coffee together. But before coffee, can I hug you and kiss you? Love you!”

Morning Wishes for Wife

Similar to the Goodmorning wishes for the husband, there are also some sweet and heart-touching morning wishes for wife to show your love and sincerity. You can make the mornings of your wife so happy and blush by sending her the most romantic and lovely good morning love messages on social media platforms. because it will make your relationship strong and lovely. 

The worth of Good Morning Love Quotes 

Hence, it will be a good aspect for your batter-half to see your good morning wishes for wife in very romantic ways. It will make her think about the care and attention you give her. Here are the morning wishes for your wife that can be copied and pasted on multiple social media platforms and show your love for your better half. 

  1. “You are the only star that I want to see every night. Love you, my baby!”
  2. “The stars could fade & die, but our love will always live on baby.”
  3. “You’re the first thing that comes into my mind as I wake up. Just give me a sweet morning kiss! I love you.”
  4. “My love you’ve introduced a sparkling light to my dark life. Thanks for your presence, my love. Good Morning!”
  5. “May this day spread a precious smile on your face and happiness in your life. Good morning baby!”
  6. “Let us entangle ourselves in the bed of love and make it memorable. Good morning!”
  7. “How much tenderness, beauty, and everlasting freshness. You’re so beautiful, you have no flaws. Good morning, my dear!”
  8. “My good morning message is not for wishing you this day only. It’s to thank you to make my everyday beautiful and satisfying.”
  9. “Baby! nothing can break our strong bond of love and attention. I’m always with you my love! Good morning.”

Unique Good Morning Wife Quotes 

  1. “Wake up darling and make everything beautiful and fresh with your smile and waves of laughter.”
  2. “Now I understood how it feels to find love, it’s all about finding you my baby. Love you a lot! Good morning!”
  3. “In your eyes, I always see an angel that makes me mad to even hug you and kiss you very tight. Love you, my sweetheart!”
  4. “You made me perfectly complete. Now, whenever I see myself I’ve to look at you for a complete look of mine. Love you!”
  5. “I’m always thankful to God for making my mornings beside the girl I love the most from everything in the world.”
  6. “Open your eyes my baby and embrace a new day with love and a sweet smile. Everything is waiting for you!”
  7. “I smile to see you in my arms when I wake up in the morning. That’s an awesome feeling for me. Good Morning!”
  8. “You are the reward of my all prayer. I’m so blessed to have your hands in mine at the beginning of every morning.”
  9. “Come close to me, baby. Morning is all about having a tight hug and sweet kisses for refreshing my soul and mind.”
  10. “I’m always in deep love with your sweet juicy lips. Let me feel the sweet fragrance of your body every morning. Wake up baby it’s morning!”
  11. “Just wake up and see my eyes there is lots of love and feelings for you. Hug me and receive all the warm feelings of yours.”
  12. “Good morning messages are not only texts, but emotions, feelings, and purity for my cute and beautiful wife.”
  13. “Love is the hardest thing to explain, but it’s also the easiest thing to understand in seconds. Love you, darling.”
  14. “The sun glows inside her chest. While the moon echoes from her eyes.”

Love Quotes for Him 

Love quotes are the greatest and most effective source to explain all your wishes and true love for your boyfriend, husband, or soulmate. You can copy and paste these love quotes for him to realize your feelings and emotions. 

  1. “I want to fall in love with you all over again & again in my life.”
  2. “Love is all about prayers, I’m always busy making prayers for my love to be safe and sound everywhere.”
  3. “There are countless stars in the sky and every start reveals a reason why I love you so much.”
  4. “I love you because you deserve all my love of mine and huge respect from me. Love you a lot the boy of my dreams.”
  5. “Baby! My love is hidden in all my happiness, smiles, and tears. Because my single feeling even belongs to your soul.”
  6. “Your love made me enough strong and powerful that I can stand every hardest condition to win you for me.”
  7. “Your every touch reminds me of your’s love for me. That’s why I feel proud of you my love.”
  8. “I always love you without any reason and that’s the beauty of my pure love for you darling.”
  9. “Your emotions in your eyes while seeing me is the type of heaven I want from you. Just love you more than anything.”
  10. “Good morning baby! It’s the best day of my life to see you again in front of my eyes. I love you so much, baby!”
  11. “I always remember the flirts we made together and the foolish experiences we ever had with each other. That’s amazing. Good Morning Love of my life.”
  12. “Good morning! Come outside and receive all the happiness and smiles I’ve sent you.”

Love Quotes for Her 

Experiencing a love relationship with your partner or girlfriend is also an amazing feeling in life. You have to show your love and attention through your care, loving, and heart-touching love quotes. It will add beauty to your relationship. Being a caring and loving boyfriend, you need to be loyal and have to show your loyalty and love by sending romantic good morning love quotes for her. 

  1. “I saw you, I loved you, I’ll always love you, my princess. Good morning, and embrace all the love you deserve.”
  2. “I love you for yesterday’s memories, I always love you for today’s love & attention, and I’ll always be there to love you for tomorrow’s dreams. Love you, baby!”
  3. “I liked the way you entered my life. Baby, you’ve made everything perfect for me. Good morning my baby!”
  4. “I’m grateful for having you by my side as a sincere friend, supporter, and lover. You gave me all my strength my dear. You deserve all my love. Good Morning!”
  5. “It’s a great day that brings us together forever. Let’s enjoy this morning because it’s real. Good Morning sweetheart!”
  6. “We are the perfect fit in the countless puzzles of this world. Love you, my dear! Good morning!”
  7. “Your sparkling and shining eyes are enough beautiful to make start jealous. Love you darling! Good Morning!”
  8. “Efforts brought success and finally you are my lifeline. Love you & Good morning, my baby!”
  9. “If loving you makes me a slave of you, then I’ll prefer to spend all my life in such chains. Because I love you so much.”
  10. “Your true love was harder to find but It’s impossible to hide from the world. Good Morning my love!”
  11. “Good Morning Beautiful! It’s perfectly impossible to stop thinking about you and your’s love. You are my light in the dark.”

Best Good Morning Wishes for Lover

  1. “Believe me! I’ll keep you safe and hold your hand till the last breath of mine. Good Morning!”
  2. “Baby1 You & I are two souls and one thought, two hearts with one pulse.” 
  3. “Wake up my sweetheart and enjoy a dreamy morning with me. Good morning!”
  4. “I always recall the scene when your shoulders move with your tilt and your hair tucked behind your ears very softly. It’s a killing moment. I love you, my Love!”
  5. “While still in bed and opening my eyes, all my thoughts are automatically converted toward you my Love! Good Morning!”
  6. “A joyful morning is waiting for you, my baby. Wake up! It’s morning!”
  7. “Baby! It’s your day so wake up and let your light brighten the day. Good Morning my love!”
  8. “Baby! Good morning. I need lots of kisses and love that make me melt and burn in your arms.”
  9. “Wake up baby! I’m waiting for my sweet breakfast of your’s soft and juicy lips. Want to taste them again for refreshing my soul.”
  10. “I’m thankful for having you once again next to me on such a blessed morning. It’s a peaceful feeling for me to be with you like this.”
  11. “I admire how sun rays kiss your cheeks and fill your eyes with amazing sparkling light. I just want this all every morning!”
  12. “Mornings are not complete without your sweet kisses and hugs full of feelings my Love!”
  13. “Your mornings deserve a partner like me that can light all your dreams with real love and affection. I’m here for you my baby! Wake up and receive all my love in the early morning.”
  14. “Good morning the perfectly beautiful, sensible, and loveable person of my life.”

Heart-Touching Good Morning Love Quotes 

  1. “What a lovely day it is when we have to wake up in the morning to have a complete day with each other. Love you my lifeline!” 
  2. “It’s tough to find your soulmate and love, but once it’s found it’s never be regretted.”
  3. “Good morning baby! I can’t get out of my bedroom without feelings your presence around me and without kissing you very strongly.”
  4. “The sweetest taste and matchless feeling of the world to touch your lips with mine lips every morning of the day.”
  5. “I love the quiet sound of two coffee mugs near my bed. That’s a really lovely way of inviting me to join you. Your juicy lips make me crazy to taste them quickly.”
  6. “My strength is your’s smile and your shining eyes that reflect love even for every eye contact. Good morning my love!” 
  7. “Thanks my baby for being there and lighting up my whole life as a sparkling pearl. Good morning!”
  8. “Wishing a very beautiful and blessed morning to the most precious girl in the world. Good morning my love!” 
  9. “My favorite fragrance is your body’s fragrance and my favorite moment is to see you just after opening my eyes in the morning.”
  10. “My whole world has come close to your darling! I’m wishing a very Good morning to my world.”
  11. “Baby! You are the one who can fasten my heartbeat at once and can slow it down at the same time. I love you so much & Good morning darling.”
  12. “Wake up baby! Come close to me. It’s time to celebrate the morning by interlocking our lips with each other. I can’t wait for this.”
  13. “Morning means to find you in my soul and thoughts to live my day. You are present everywhere my love. Good morning!”

Romantic Morning Quotes 

  1. “Baby! your presence is hotter than the hottest coffee mugs in the morning. Come close to me baby and kiss me to make my morning. Good Morning!”
  2. “More than my next breath, I want you in my life near me. Good morning to my everything!”
  3. “Night is all about heaven to sleep on your chest and morning is incredible by tasting your sweet and juicy lips. Good morning baby!”
  4. “Where there is my love there is me chasing her all the time. Love you, baby! Good morning.”
  5. “Every turn of the clock reveals another reason why I love you so much. Have a magnificent day baby!”
  6. “Kiss is for a moment in actual. But it remains in my thoughts and feelings for the rest of day till night comes. So come here and give me a morning kiss.”
  7. “Your love gives me a reason to go after what I want to achieve. That’s all about you and your presence my love. Have a blessed day!”
  8. “I never expect to give me a world for any reason, but I wish to share it with me. Morning baby!”
  9. “Love goes on increasing day by day my love. How magical is your presence around my days and nights? Good morning to the beautiful girls in my life.”
  10. “Most precious sensation in the world is your’s heartbeat while kissing me even softly or gently. But I love this all the time. Good morning!”
  11. “Thank you for filling amazing colors to my mornings with your presence and support. Morning!”
  12.  “I’m always there to relax you with my love by holding you in my arms and hiding you in my soul to give you protection from every bad shadow.”

Good Morning Love Messages

  1. “Good Morning Baby! I just wish to be in your heart for the rest of our life with the same love and strength.”
  2. “Wake up with amazing dreams of our future to be true this morning. Love you sweetheart!”
  3. “Happiness is all about sleeping in your arms and waking up next to you in the morning. Love you my lifeline!”
  4. “This is the beginning of another day together. Let it start with love and have lots of magnificent things in it.”
  5. “I feel mornings the brighter and sunny even you’ve entered my life. It’s all because of your bright colors in my life. Good morning!”
  6. “When you touched e for the first time, I realized that we are made for each other to live together.”
  7. “I realized the beauty of love and attraction after meeting you. You reveal everything to me about love and its existence.”
  8. “Your arm is my pillow and I want to wake up in your arms every morning. Love you, my baby!”
  9. “Good Morning to the dearest person of my life. Love you, Baby!”
  10. “Everything looks empty and meaningless without you my love. Have a sweet & blessed day my sweetheart!”
  11. “Love you, baby! When I look at you my heart fills with happiness and pleasure. Thanks for being my girl. Good morning.”
  12. “I’ve found true love because I’ve realized that getting up beside you is the best feeling in the world. Good Morning!”
  13. “With every sunrise, my love and attention also refresh as it is the first morning of our love. Good morning my love!”
  14. “Let this morning bring lots of blessings and sweet memories for both of us. Good Morning!”
  15. “It doesn’t matter for sunrise to start a morning I just consider it morning when I wish you a sweet good morning with sweet kisses.”

Awesome Goodmorning Wishes for Love 

  1. “I love every morning because it starts with warm cuddly hugs with you on my own. Good Morning!”
  2. “Get up my darling! I’m here for you with lots of good morning wishes and love. Good morning baby!”
  3. “Wake up sweetheart and let us entangle with each other on the bed of love. Good morning.”
  4. “Kiss you, my love. I hug you very tightly and promise not to leave you anyway. Good Morning.”
  5.  “Others find sunrise to start their day but for me, your beaming face with a sweet smile is a sign of Goof morning for me.”
  6. “Sending you warm good morning wishes that will brighten your day. Good morning my love.”
  7. “While opening my eyes, I always think about you and pick up my phone for wishing you a Good morning with lots of love.”
  8. “I’m highly thankful to God for allowing me to wake up beside the person who is my love and lifeline. Good Morning!”
  9. “Baby! I’m sending you a warm hug and sweet kiss to start your day with lots of energy and love. Good morning beautiful!”
  10. “It’s a very amazing and dreamy feeling for being with you in a soft bed of love and affection. Good morning sweetheart!”
  11. “I wish to be the sun rays that touch your eyes and face before everything. So I may come close to you even to kiss you and hold you in my arms every morning.” 

Love is such a precious feeling that is impossible to explain and even can be felt just by eye contact. Make your lover proud of you and feel him/her special all the time. So, don’t stop sending good morning love quotes to your lover every morning. Let your love relationship deepen day by day. 

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