Happy New Year Celebrations & Traditions

Happy New Year Celebrations & Traditions

New year is the biggest festival for everyone. Because it’s common for everyone and every nation. The whole world is following the Georgies Calendar for working days and holidays according to their historical and religious events. Hence there are many different cultures that increase the beauty and importance of Happy New year’s celebrations. But the ways of celebrating the start of a new year are different in different cultures and countries. 

Start of New Year Evening

January 1st is the actual day of the new year of the century in different countries of the world. But the celebrations for the beginning of the year starts even at the night of 31st December when it’s 12:00 O’clock. 

How Long Happy New Year’s Celebrations Lasts?

Christian’s and even everyone start to celebrate the happy new year 2023 with great delight. It starts from the evening of 31st December and lasts till the end of the evening of 1st January. In this time period, people make unforgettable memories and hope for the coming year to be blessed and happy for them. They meet their families and friends to have lots of fun at the beginning of new year.

Common Traditions for Happy New Year Celebration

The most common and trending traditions that are associated with the celebration of new year include new year parties, get together, etc. People also make decorations, fun, cleaning of their houses, renewing their relationships, watching fireworks displays, shouting in crowds, making new year’s resolutions, and decorating buildings and historical places and Happy new year greetings.  

How Is New Year Celebrated Around the World?

Different traditions and customs reflect the importance of the beginning of a new year. Asian and European countries celebrate the start of a new year with the maximum extent to which they can. Because they consider it the most worthy time of their lives when everything renews and refreshes in their lives. 

They arrange big get-togethers, parties, arrange new year’s eve dinner, cut new year’s cakes, arrange parties, join clubs, display heavy fireworks, and exchange gifts to start a happy and blessed year. Decorations of their houses and wearing new dresses is also very common at the festival of new year beginning.

New Year's Eve Celebrations

New Year’s Eve is a very important time of the year. Mostly people used to arrange eve dinners in a very great extent. New Year’s day is also termed as the Old year’s day or eve. It’s the time to say Goodbye to the previous year and to welcome the upcoming year with pleasure and warm heartly. All over the world, the evening of 31st December is considered as the new year’s evening and a new years eve party organized every year. Things to do on new years eve are making fun, celebrations, wishing each other and making new year resolutions.

Currently, this time of the year is celebrated with music, dancing, enjoying, eating, drinking, watching new year’s movies, enjoying the scenes of fireworks at remarkable and the most famous places of the world in different countries. The happy new year celebrations continue the whole night of 1st January from 12:00 O’clock. 

How to Share Happy New Year Wishes?

People are happily sharing multiple wishes on this special day of the year with friends and family members. The best way to make them feel special and blessed at the Happy New Years Eve is to send them happy New Year’s Wishes. It’s possible to share by writing them on beautiful & decorated cards or on social media platforms. All the regions of the world are celebrating the start of a new year. They are also commonly sharing wishes and prayers to be blessed and keep smiling faces like prayers at the beginning of New Year.   

Happy New Year in Multiple Regions

Happy new year is celebrated all over the world and multiple regions and countries. But different countries have their own traditions to enjoy the new years eve events. Here are some of the Countries with their cultures and ways of celebrating a happy new year. Such as

  • Hong Kong  

In the Hong-kong community, people used to gather at shopping centers and there are lots of fireworks and LED displays to add beauty and enjoyment to new year’s celebrations. The most special thing to discuss is that there is a 60-seconds countdown and then there is noise for the warm welcome of the new year. There are also a lot of firework displays on big buildings and centers. People also share amazing happy new year wishes through social media and new year cards with their beloved ones.

  • Happy New Year in China 

In China the celebrations of Lunar New year don’t continue until a few weeks after the Gregorian New year. In some areas of China the celebrations of the beginning of Gregorian new year are continue in major cities i.e. Beijing (Solana Blue Harbor Shopping Park) . Cultural shows are also held in the city’s Millennium Monument where lots of people come to enjoy the celebrations and shows held for happy new year. These special shows include the Temple of Heaven, Great Wall of China, Olympic Green, and the Summer Palace. 

Families also arrange great New Year’s Eve dinner and music parties with friends and family members. People clean their houses and arrange wide dinner parties for their families and friends. It’s also common to send New Year’s gifts and Happy New Year wishes through cards and social media. 

  • New Year in Japan

In Japan the culture is to clean their homes before New Year’s Eve and prepare Sheminawa to welcome God. At this time, Buddhist temples ring their bells 108 times at midnight in the traditional Joya no Kane. The 108 rings represent the total 108 elements of bono, the mental state of Japanese to take unwholesome actions. 

In most cities and urban areas of Japan, the new year celebrations include great concerts, fireworks, countdowns, and other special celebrations. 

  • Malaysia 

In Malaysia there are also amazing and interesting new year’s celebrations. In major cities of Malaysia there are lots of countdown parties such as in George Town, Kuching, and Shah Alam. But these parties are just typically organized or held by the private sector of these cities. As it’s the modern tradition all over the world, hence there are also two public holidays in Malaysia for new year’s eve and new year’s day. They used to celebrate the new year day with their families and friends in crowded places. 

  • Pakistan 

Pakistan is also one of the Asian countries which warm heartedly celebrates the happy new year. Pakistani people celebrate the new year with amazing fireworks in big cities including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Moreover, in backward areas the celebrations are also held according to the availability of the resources.  

Concerts and musical nights are also organized in regard to New Year’s celebrations. Lots of Pakistani youngsters also enjoy and take part in the type of celebrations that are held world-wide. Especially, the elite class and well-educated people participate in night-long activities in cosmopolitan and urban areas of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

  • Celebrations in Singapore

In Singapore, the celebrations of New Year’s Eve are centered in Marina Bay. It was hosted by Marina Bay Singapore Countdown with amazing light shows being held in December. It is always under Shine the Light Programme while fireworks at the cities are not permitted on New Year’s Eve. But the heartland celebrations are held instead on New Year’s Eve at different locations of fireworks and countdowns. Similarly, public transport is also extended.  


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The conclusion of this article is that Happy New Year is celebrated all over the world in different ways and traditions of that area. No one is unaware of the importance of New Year’s eve. Hence, people take part in the celebrations, concerts, and fireworks displays inside their countries and also enjoy international views of fireworks at the start of a new year. Here are lots of happy new year wishes to share with your friends and family members on this special day. 

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