Ideas to Use the Latest ❤️ Heart Emoji

Ideas to Use the Latest ❤️ Heart Emoji

There are many heart emojis that are most popular and used widely over the world. Using heart emojis is creating a lot of senses. But the most widely and exactly used record is noticed in the month of February. The reason behind using this emoji this month is that 14 February is considered to be the celebration day for all couples. When they express their feelings and emotions they mostly prefer to send a heart emoji according to their feelings. There are almost 20+ most popular and frequently used emojis these days. After reading this you can have ideas to use heart emoji in your chats.

List of Frequently Used Emojis

There is some most frequently used emojis on social media platforms. There are different ideas hidden behind sharing these emojis. Most popular emojis include:

  • Red Heart ❤️ 
  • Two Hearts 💕 
  • Revolving Heart 💞
  • Purple Heart 💜
  • Blue Heart 💙
  • Heart with Ribbon 💝
  • Glowing Heart 💗
  • Sparkling  Heart 💖
  • Heart with Arrow 💘
  • Heart Decoration 💟
  • Heart Exclamation ❣️

Besides these emojis, there are also many other frequently used emojis according to people’s choices. Mostly a number of the same emojis are also used for expressing aggressive feelings and emotions.   

Ideas For Using Heart Emojis

When we want to express happiness, sadness, and blessed feelings we prefer to use some heart emojis according to their meaning. There are many ideas out of which some common ideas are enlisted here:

  • For expressing Love, Gratitude, and Thanks ( ❤️ Red Heart Emoji ).
  • For expressing Hate and jealousy ( 💛 Yellow Heart Emoji ). 
  • For expressing sadness ( 💘 Heart with Arrow ).
  • As a signal to have a date ( 💚 Green Heart Emoji ).
  • For expressing Heartbreak ( 💔 Red Broken Heart Emoji ).
  • Foe expressing romantic friendship relationships ( 🧡 Orange Heart Emoji ).
  • To purpose your fiance ( 💝 Heart with Ribbon ).
  • To make our chat attractive ( I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ you! ). 

There are also many ideas that insist on using appropriate heart emojis. These emojis make our conversation strong and clear. Different emojis with different colors have specific meanings. These emojis help us to convey our message to our targeted person on social media. 

Other Emojis Including ❤️ Heart Emojis

Besides heart emojis, there are many such emojis that are designed with the addition of heart emojis. It is the best idea to show the heart’s feelings at some place, for some reason, and for some special event. These emojis are enlisted here:

  • As a stamp on Love Latter ( 💌 Love Letter Emoji ).
  • For being Married ( 💒 Wedding house with heart emoji ).
  • A smiling face with three Red Heart Emojis ( 🥰 for expressing pleasure ).
  • A smiling face with two Red Hearts in its eyes ( 😍 it is also used for expressing joy ).
  • A couple with Red Heart ( 💑 to represent the couple’s feelings and love ).
  • A kiss emoji with a Red Heart ( 💏 to express affection and love of a couple ).
  • A love Hotel with Red Heart Emoji 🏩.

These emojis are also related to emotions and feelings. That’s why they are used along with other emojis to make meanings very clear. 


The main conclusion of the article is that you must be familiar with all these heart emojis. Even with their color significance along with their secret meanings. More than one emoji is used for the same meaning and to emphasize the points of your conversation. There is always a proper idea behind using every emoji on social media. Avoid miscommunication and guilty because of wrong understanding about heart emojis. Use exact and appropriate emojis for your message to be conveyed digitally. 

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