Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top tourist attractions in the entire United States.  This article will cover the Los Angeles area from downtown LA to Malibu for those who wish to visit Los Angeles. This article will focus on the larger area so you can understand what Los Angeles has to offer. 

List of the Top 10 Places in Los Angeles 

Here are the top 11 places that the visitors must visit. You must also consider these places whenever you visit LA in the United States. 

Downtown LA 

Downtown LA often gets a bad rap, and while it does have its share of problems, there are still a lot of great places to explore here.

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Downtown LA

One of the most important is the Broad Museum which is well known for its modern art. Sky Space for its glass slide and awesome views. Grand Central  Market for all of its fun restaurants.

Hollywood Boulevard 

The second most recommended place is the Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is something that pretty much every tourist wants to see when visiting LA. Here you can park in the mall structure and explore the surroundings. It’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours while you’re in Los Angeles.

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard

You can explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the great TLC Chinese theater with its hands and footprints. And the mini museums from Ripley’s believe it or not to the wax museum. It’s an overload for your senses walking around down there. 

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is one of the best places to visit in the city of the United States. The views from the observatory are amazing with the Hollywood sign one way and downtown LA to the other. Of course, the Observatory is also fun to explore it’s free to enter and has lots of exhibitions. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles,Griffith Observatory

You must be there to watch the beautiful sunset and just to walk around and take amazing views. T is the best place to spend at least a few hours. Parking can be very difficult here, especially on the weekends. 

Hollywood Sign 

The Hollywood Sign is the most iconic part of LA and something everyone wants to see when they visit. There are many great places to view the sign, like Lake Hollywood Park. 

But you must visit this considering hiking up to it. The hike is stree if you take Wisdom Tree Trail, but it will give you awesome views of LA and lets you get as close to the sign as you’re allowed. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign

While you can’t get that close to it, you can walk up the hill behind it and can get amazing views looking down on it with the city in the distance. 

Either way, if you’re hiking to the Hollywood Sign or just viewing it from afar, it’s a great spot for photos in Los Angeles. 

California Science Center 

One of the amazing spots in LA includes the California Science Center in Exposition Park. Exposition Park is most famous as the home of the Colosseum where many Football games and concerts are held. But it also has an awesome California Science Center for visitors as well. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, California Science Center

The center is free to enter and has many impressive exhibitions on its three floors. However, the main reason to visit this place is to see the space shuttle Endeavor, which made its way here in 2012 and has been a popular tourist attraction since.

It’s amazing to see the space shuttle up close and it’s worth the visit, even if you don’t see anything else in the museum. 

Olvera Street 

Olvera Street is one pof the most historic districts in Los Angeles and was founded in the last 1700s. It has some great restaurants and a fun central shopping area, but the main reason to come is for the DIA de Los Muertos Day of the Dead festival every October. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Olvera Street

This festival has been happening for over 30 years and it’s a celebration of life murals, dancers, a procession, and painting. So if you are here in late October, definitely check it out. 

Echo Park 

The Echo Park Area of Los Angeles is an up-and-coming area with great restaurants, shops, and a decent-sized lake right in the middle. It’s a fun spot for hanging out on a warm day and you can get out on the water by renting a Swan boat if you want to paddle around. Visitors love doing this as it gives them some great views. It’s also fun to be able to paddle around on a lake near downtown LA. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Echo Park

This area also has a time travel Mart, which is one of the best places for food like Pizza at Masa and their fantastic bread pudding. 

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is LA’s well-known amphitheater, which has hosted every famous artist since it opened in 1922. While going to a concert there is something you should experience, you can also walk around the park and visit the bowl during the day as well. 

This public park is unique to explore in the daytime and the park has very unique and attractive views of the Hollywood Sign when you walk to the top. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl

In addition, there is also a small museum which is free to visit for visitors. It has some information about architecture and many of the artists that have played the Hollywood Bowl. 

Dodger Stadium  

Like the Hollywood Bowl, seeing the Dodgers game is a must-do attraction in Los Angeles. Just driving through the parking lot to the stadium gives you some iconic views of downtown LA. The historic stadium has been there for over 60 years. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium

If you come during the off-season, you can pay to take a complete visit of the stadium or you can just the store and walk out to the upper deck to look over the baseball field. It’s a lot of fun to see the historic stadium and take in a game, even for non-baseball fans. 

Universal Studios Hollywood  

The Universal Studios Hollywood is Los Angeles’s main amusement park. What’s so fun about it though, is that it has a working backlot, which you can see on a backlot tour ride with your admission to the park. 

best places to visit in Los Angeles

Visitors love visiting this park for the Waterworld show, eating a donut with a spring field, going on many of the fun rides, exploring different attractions, and visiting for their Christmas festivities. 

Studio Tours 

Los Angeles is the birthplace of movies and one of the best ways to experience this history is to take one of the studio tours. There are five studios for tour, if you count the universal ride mentioned above. Some of the most attractive ones are the Paramount and the Warner Brothers

best places to visit in Los Angeles, Studio Tours

You can’t take video on any of them, but you can usually take photos. Each of the tours provides a better understanding of how the movies are made by seeing all the different props and maybe even visiting a soundstage if you’re enough lucky. 

Final Verdict 

Los Angeles is one of the most targeted places for visitors and tours. Its food items are also very delicious and attractive for tourists Especially the in-N-Out restaurant is one of the best restaurants in LA. You must consider these best places to visit in Los Angeles with your family or friends. You can have fun, create memories, and enjoy amazing weather with remarkable views of this beautiful city.  

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