Earth Day History – 22 April 2024 Latest Trends 

Our Planet Earth is a great blessing for us to survive. So we must be very careful about our planet because it is the habitat of humans, plants, and animals. Every year Earth Day is celebrated to remind all of us that we must keep our earth clean and pollution-free to enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. Here are lots of factors to be considered for making our planet clean and comfortable. We’ll discuss these factors and their latest possible solutions. Keep reading this article for further details:

When was Earth Day officially announced to celebrate around the world?

April 22, 1970, was the very first official celebration of the Earth day. The motive behind this celebration was to encourage people to save our planet from pollution. Awareness must be spread throughout the world and everyone must take part in it. 

Who was the Founder of the Earth Day?

Gaylord Nelson was the person who founded this Day for Earth and its development. He was a well-known politician of his time. He served America as a governor and United States senator. He was the person who launched the different motivations towards environmental activities. 

He is also known as the Father of the Earth Day. Gaylord Nelson once addressing the people said:

I don’t think there is any other issue viewed in its broader scene which is its critical domain time as the issue of the quality of the environmental issue in which we live”. 

History Behind World Earth Day

22 April is considered the anniversary of the world’s latest environmental movement. Lots of steps are taken to improve your present and upcoming environmental conditions. Initially, the American people were consuming a high level of leaded gases through automobiles. That was causing environmental pollution on a large scale. 

To reduce this pollution annually Earth Day is being celebrated. With the advancement of technology and increasing environmental issues, this day is celebrated with a different theme every year. 

In 1970 the population of the world was almost 3.6 billion. The figure doubled in 2020 i.e. 7.8 billion. They affect greenhouse gases and cannot be stressed enough that global carbon emissions are up to 2 and half times from 14.8 Billion tons (1970) to 36.4 Billion tons (2020). That was causing global warming across land and sea the the temperature has increased by 1 degree Celcius since 1970. That resulted in prolonged droughts, wall fires, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels.

Hence the Earth is a home for Humans, plants, and animals. So must must know about the ways and technologies that will make it suitable and efficient for all of us. 

Latest Burning Issues About Earth 

Our planet is facing lots of critical issues these days because of the increasing population over the world. This is an alarming situation that the population is going to increase so speedy and this level of Earth pollution will reach its highest peak. There are some of the burning issues such as:

  • Global Warming From Fossil Fuels 
  • Food Wastage 
  • Plastic Pollution 
  • Biodiversity Loss 
  • Deforestation 
  • Air Pollution 
  • Melting Iic Caps 
  • Rising Sea Levels 
  • Ocean Acidification 
  • Agriculture 
  • Water and Food Insecurity 
  • Textile Waste and Fast Fashion 
  • Soil Degradation 

These are the burning issues that are discussed around the world. Hence the work on these issues to be resolved in an environmentally friendly way is also a burning topic for researchers and scientists. 

Theme For Earth Day 2024 

The theme is set according to the present time issue. Such as the basic issue that is being faced globally. Considering the circumstances these days the theme for 2024 Earth Day is Plants Vs. Plastics. This is based on the excess use of plastic for once. This is causing so many serious issues for our environment. So different activities are practiced for public awareness and participation in reducing this plastic pollution. 

Latest Trends For Earth Day Anniversary 

Many activities will be in trend while celebrating the anniversary of Earth Day 2024. That includes:

  • Replacing the use of paper instead of Plastic
  • Recycling of Plastic 
  • Reuse the once-used plastic products 
  • Proper Waste (plastic) Management 

Replace Plastic With Paper 

This is very important to replace plastic products with other environment-friendly products. So it is encouraged to use paper-based products instead of plastic products. It will help in reducing the plastic pollution level on the Earth. 

Recycling Plastic 

Is a very useful process for lowering plastic pollution in our environment. Because all the plastic including water bottles, hospital-based plastic products, domestic-level waste plastic, and industrial-based plastic products can be recycled. New products that are necessary for our daily life purposes can be prepared by this method. So never waste the once-used plastic and play your role in saving our planet Earth.

Save the earth, earth day

Reuse Plastic Again and Again 

Campaigns must be activated globally to reuse plastic again and again until it cannot be reused. Especially water bottles and individual-use products must be used perfectly. 

Proper Waste Management 

There must be a proper plastic waste management process. In which all types of plastics must be collected separately and recycled properly. Plastics have variable compositions based on their use and quality levels. Hence there recycling requires a different base and procedure. 

Final Verdict 

The first time Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 in America. This motivated about 20 million people in the USA at that time. They took the initiative to make our planet safe from crises including pollution of multiple types. With the advancement of time our planet is facing different types of crises and we must make strategies to overcome such issues. The latest issue regarding the earth is Plastic pollution which must be controlled globally. We can perform our duty by replacing plastic products with other harmless products like paper products.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Slogan for Earth Day 2024?

Every year there is a special slogan for celebrating the special day of Earth. Based on the current situation the slogan for 22 April is SAVE OUR SPECIES!

Who was Gaylord Nelson?

Gaylord Nelson was the founder of Earth Day. He was an American and played a very vital role in creating an idea to celebrate Land Curing Day. Based on his work he is also known as the father of Earth Day. 

How to Celebrate Earth Anniversary?

We must adopt a well-managed and unique way to celebrate this day. We must attend meetings, conferences, and online meetups, and take part in campaigns for awareness about saving our beautiful natural habitat. 

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