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Eid Ul Fitr – Significance & Latest Trends

Eid ul Fitr is a very optimistic religious event in Muslim community. It is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal which is an Islamic month. According to the lunar calender this month lies on the 10th month of islamic year. All the muslim community celebrate this event with great pleasure and religious rspect. This event is celebrated across the world where Muslims are located. But the tradions and latest trends are almost same for every region of the world. Because Islamic traditions are evenly followed ocross the world.

When is Eid Ul Fitr in 2024?

This event is celebrated on 1st of Shawwal which is expected to be on April 09, 2024. As the lunar calender has a different cycle and reduced to some days as compared to Georgian calender. Which has 365 days in year. Hence the date of such Islamic events that are followed by Lunar Calender may vary in date and day. Every year such events happen on different dates according to Georgian Calender. 

Why Eid Ul Fitr is Celebrated?

Eid ul Fitr is celebrated after the completion of Ramadan. Muslims celebrate the day as a reward of fulfilling the pious month of Ramadan in Fasting, praying, and in performing good deeds. So its a moment of gratefulness and gratitude. 

Why The Event is Called Eid ul Fitr?

The word Eid means “Good News” and the word Fitr is an Arabic word that means “Giving Fitrana (charity for deserving ones)”. That is why the event is named Eid ul Fitr based on charity and giving money to poor and deserving people.

Special Orders By Allah Almighty for Muslims

Islam is a complete code of life. Hence it cobers all the aspects of humanities. As this event is a sign of pleasure, delight, happiness, and celebration. 

Pay Fitrana

So Allah Almighty has ordered all the Muslims to pay Fitrana before 1st Shawwal. This Fitrana is given to those who arefinancially unable to take park in the celebration of Eid Ul Fitr. 

If a Muslim do this act purely for Allah Almighty so he will receive an unexpected reward from Allah. Moreover, the people who will receive this money can enjoy the pleasures of this Eid. They can buy new clothes, shoes, and many more according to their need. 

Spread Love Through Charity

You just have to spread love, happiness, and sympathy for those who deserve it. Such as orphans, old people, diable person, poor people, and hardworking people with less income. 

To perform these facts is a religious duty of every person who has enough wealth to help others and support them financially. But if someone don’t pay Zakat/Fitrana before 1st Shawwal his Fasts and Prayers will be wasted and he’ll get no rewards. Because human rights are strictly ordered in Islam. 

sunnah's for Eid al Fitr

Religious Trends for Sweet Eid 

Different traditions are associated with the celebration of Eid ul Fitr. Here are some most popular and traditional trends of the event. Such as

Offering Specific Prayer in Open Area 

Muslims come to their mosques or in open places and offer Eid prayer in a bif gathering. Then they meet everyone and wish each other Happy Eid. This moment create an amazing scene in Muslim Ummah and a great courage of love and respect. 

In the morning of 1st Shawwal all the mosques become a great symbol of unity, equality, love, and happiness. Because a great number of people bown their necks in front of Allah at the same time to show gratitude. 

Making Sweet Dishes 

As it is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW to eat something sweet before going to offer Eid Prayer. Hence following his habit all the muslims perform the same thing. So people make different types of sweet in their homes. Moreover, they share these sweet items with their neighbours. This also creates an amazing scene of love and brotherhood. 

Wearing New Clothes 

The day is of great importance for all the Muslim community across the world. They celebrate it with great inspiration and interest. It is a tradition to wear new and beautiful clothes on this special day. It is a sign of pleasure and being happy for completing the month of Ramadam. 

Every one is highly attentive towards eid shopping and making their day most beautiful and memorable. 

Arranging Parties With Families 

Eid is a time to come close and spending time with your families. So it’s tradional trend to invite your beloved ones and have a party with them. This may be a dinner or brunch with your family or friends. Moreover, you can also arrange a night party outside your home and have lots of fun and collect unremarkable memories with your family or friends. 

Family get-togethers are of great importance as they bring close families together. Moreover, it’s a chance to spend quality time with your members of family. Cook different delicious dishes with your cooking partners. This will also give you happiness and memories. 

Official Holidays

This is a very important and religious event for Muslims. So there are three public holidays in all Islamic countries. People enjoy a lot in these three days and celebrate this event according to their choices. So there are no schools, no universities, and no govt. or public offices these days. 

Exchanging Eid Gifts 

One of the most important celebrations includes giving Eid gifts to your friends. This is a very lovely tradition to exchange beautiful gifts and show your love for your spouse, family, friend, partner, or anyone else you love. These gifts include seasonal dresses, hand-made Eid cards, money, flowers, perfumes, bags, jewelry items, and many more. This is given on the night before Eid. It is known as Chand Raat

Visiting Old Age Homes 

People also love to visit old-age homes to make their day most worthwhile Spending time with people who just deserve love and affection is rare. People with great wealth buy gifts for such old people and give them to make them smile on Eid.

Visiting Orphan Children 

Orphan children deserve all your love and attention on such happy moments. It’s the Sunnah of our Prophet to look after orphans. So to fulfill the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, people visit such houses to share Eid pleasures with them. 

Final Verdict 

Eid ul Fitr is the most awaited event for all Muslims. They wait for this event to be celebrated and have lots of plans for this time. When they complete the month of Ramadan and it’s Fasting. Then they feel a different type of energy and courage to celebrate this event on the 1st of Shawwal. People enjoy three public holidays and make their holidays remarkable and satisfying. You can make your Eid so special if you’ll follow the above-mentioned latest trends of Eid Celebration.  

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