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World Laughter Day 5th May 2024 

What is World Laughter Day?

World Laughter Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of laughter in our lives. Moreover, the day is important because it reveals the positive effects of laughter on human health including mental and physical health. 

When was First Laugh Day Celebrated? 

India celebrated the very first smiling day on 10 May 1998 in Mumbai. Dr. Madan Kataria founded this day in India. He was the founder of the Worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement. Now this day is celebrated worldwide on the First Sunday of May. More than 70 countries celebrate this day in a very amazing manner.

When is Laughter Day Observed in 2024?

This day is observed on every first Sunday of May. Hence, in 2024 the day is celebrated on the 5th of May

History Behind Laugh Day Observance 

Once the founder of laughter treatment day went to a park to practice the positive effects of laughing together. He practiced that activity because he wrote an article for a health journal in 1995 (Laughter, The Best Medicine). While doing that he found a lot of modern scientific studies, that said that laughter is the best medicine. It is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. 

So he decided to practice it. So on the first day, there were only 5 people who took part in the practice with Dr. Madan Kataria. Later, people continued to join their group, which increased to 50+ within a week.

Dr. Madan Kataria Experiment 

  • In the beginning, everyone stood in a circle, and one of them would stand in the middle to share a joke or a funny story. Everybody enjoyed and felt better for the rest of the day. 
  • But within a few days, the good jokes and stories were exhausted. People started coming up with naughty jokes. 
  • A few people complained so the doctor started thinking. He did some research and found a solution.

Amazing  Results of Research 

  • He figured that our bodies do not know the difference between real and fake laughter. Both produce the same happy chemistry. 
  • So he thought of laughing without any reason. After a session, they still felt equally good. Basically what happens is if you laugh with a group, within two minutes it will turn into real laughter and happiness.
  • So when in the morning we laugh without any reason. Then our body sends signals to our brain to tell it that we are in a good mood. 
  • As a result our brain within 4590 seconds, orders our body system to release a flood of happy hormones (Endorphins & Dopamine). It reduces our stress hormones Cortisol and Adrenaline

Positive Effects of Laughter

  • As a result, we feel good and naturally tend to think positively
  • You’ll see good, speak good, and do good
  • Along with that, laughing increases our blood flow by almost 50%.
  • More oxygen goes into our blood which increases memory.
  • It makes us more alert.
  • It also makes us much more creative.
  • Laughing opens up around 72000 nerves.
  • It makes us feel good and fresh
  • Every cell of our body lives perfectly.  
  • A trouble that you have, goes away
  • Apart from this, laughing like mad with people loses all your inhibition
  • You become more open, relaxed, and energized
  • You will feel more connected with the people around you. 

Latest Trends to Celebrate World Laughing Day 

Here are different amazing trends that are the latest and unique to make your laugh day much more exciting. Such as

Plan a Funny Movie 

  • You can arrange a Cinematic latest funny movie of your choice. 
  • Have fun with friends while watching the movie. 
  • Enjoy the funny moments and jokes of the movie. 
  • Create sweet memories while eating popcorn and cold drinks in the cinema. 
  • Have loud laughter while enjoying to get off all your worries and depression. 

Arrange a Joke Competition 

It’s an amazing idea to arrange a funny joke competition with your friends or family members. 

Let everyone share a funny joke in such a funny way that everyone has non-stop laughter. 

Search About the Top Rated Comedians

  • You must search for the most viral and rated comedian in the world. 
  • Know about the way they made happy others with their jokes and funny accents. 
  • You can also follow any of them to copy their style and let’s make others laugh. 
  • It’s an art to make laugh and happy others just within seconds and who does it is an artist. 
  • So read about such artists to get tricks they use for happiness and waves of laughter. 

Try to Laugh on Your Own Words 

  • You must try to laugh at your statements. 
  • It will give you confidence. 
  • That will result in others also enjoying the jokes you make.

Plan a trip with family or friends

celebrating this day of laughter with a trip with friends or family is great. you can visit different cities in your country or in any other country. let us know in comments from which country you are and we’ll write a guide on where you can spend this day, as the best day. If you’re a US resident or want to plan a visit to some city in USA, Then must must read Our Tour guide to Las Vegas.

Spread Awareness About the Importance of Laughter

  • You must educate people and let them know the value of a lighter in their lives. 
  • Arrange a public seminar and explain to them the positive effects of laughing for no reason. 
  • Practice interesting activities that let them know about the real meaning of being happy

Final Verdict 

World Laughter Day is one of the most important days celebrated in the world. You must practice any of the above-mentioned trends to celebrate this day. Take great care of your loved ones and keep them happy always. Smile and let others smile always. 

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