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10 Best Places To Visit in Austin 

Top Visited Places in Austin   

Here are the top visited places in Austin by tourists across the world. Such as 

10. Texas State Capitol 

The Texas State Capitol is recognized as a National Historic Landmark, is a remarkable facility, and is one not to miss when visiting Austin. 

Red Granite Building 

The Red Granite Building with its amazing dome, which you can visit by climbing four flights of inlaid marble stairs, also has 

  • A green gift shop
  • Cafeteria to stop by. 

With 17 surrounding monuments to admire, together with wonderfully landscaped gardens and a free guided tour to take advantage of, the family can hear all about the history and stories of Texas from friendly well-informed guides.

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Red Granite Building

9. Austin Duck Adventures

Take a splash with the Austin Duck Adventures for fun and memories. One of Austin’s top tours, Austin Duck Adventure offers amphibious tours that include tours of downtown Austin and beautiful Lake Austin in Hydra Terra Vehicles. 

On board, knowledgeable guides entertain sightseers with facts and stories about local sights and landmarks. After their land trek, the vehicles pack in their wheels and launch off the shores of Lake Austin for an aquatic tour of the lush, scenic lakeside. 

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Austin Duck Adventures

8. Lady Bird Lake 

Lady Bird Lake is a wonderful body of water in the center of this busy city. It is popular for 

  • Runners 
  • Bikers 
  • Leisurely Strollers 

It’s worth taking a family out for an afternoon here. 

Stroll around the waterfront with its many bridges that cross the calm waters, and even rent a boat if you’re so inclined. 

Paddleboarding and kayaking/canoeing are popular activities around Lady Bird Lake. 

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Lady Bird Lake

7. Austin Steam Train 

Fabulous venue for all the train lovers in the family, especially the kids! The Austin Steam Train allows everyone to ride on a vintage passenger train. The depot itself is located in Cedar Park and operates on the weekends throughout the year. 

It is staffed by volunteers, with refreshments available during the train trips that are served from the concession cars.

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Austin Steam Train

6. Zilker Botanical Garden 

Zilker Botanical Garden is located on 26 acres of fenced land in Austin, Texas, and is often called “The Jewel in the Heart of Austin”. Theme gardens such as 

  • Roses 
  • Herbs
  • Japanese

These gardens are interconnected with 

  • Streams 
  • Waterfalls
  • Koi-filled ponds  

The Heartman Prehistoric Garden recreates a local dinosaur habitat. The gardens are open to the public most days around and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. 

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Zilker Botanical Garden

5. Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

Westcave is located in the southwest Travis Country, approximately 4.5 minutes from downtown Austin. The center was built with a specific mission to inspire people to develop a lifetime practice, of protecting nature. 

A short hike will take you along a forest trail down some steps to a creek bed with a lovely waterfall, a surprisingly big cave area, and a marvelous collection of old Cypress trees and ferns.  

Though the hikes are not Strenuous it’s best to wear appropriate shoes for the walk down can be a little steep but there are experienced guides to lead the way. 

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

4. Bullock Museum 

At the Bullock Museum, you’ll find over four countries of Texan history with an abundance of artifacts on display in the exhibits, including an impressively renovated shipwreck, uncovering the past has never been so easy. Whether you’re intrigued by tales of the Bush family, space exploration, or trials of the Buffalo soldiers, this is one of the best museums in Austin.

Plus, some of the exhibits are interactive meaning it’s fun for kids, too.

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Bullock Museum

3. Congress Avenue Bridge Bats

From March to October, 1.5 million bats emerge nightly from narrow crevices in the underside of the annw. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. They usually start to emerge from the bridge around 20 minutes before sundown. The walkway on the east side of the Congress Avenue Bridge offers the best vantage point for watching the bats emerge and fly eastward over Lady Bird Lake.

The hillside below the bridge is a little more kid-friendly since you can spread out and blanket and even have a picnic while you wait.

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Congress Avenue Bridge Bats

2. Austin Nature And Science Centre

Centrally located on the western edge of Zilker Park and established in 1960, the Austin Nature and Science Center’s mission is to provide hands-on educational exhibits.

The ANSC offers a range of nature-based programs, exhibits, workshops, and a fantastic activity. Where you can dig for dinosaur fossils. There are a variety of temporary and permanent exhibits, the naturalist’s workshops, and bird watching. Accessible trails around the pond system, and more

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Austin Nature And Science Centre

1. Austin Zoo

Located on the southwest edge of Austin, Texas, Austin Zoo draws visitors around from the world to learn about rescued animals and spend quality time outdoors in the Texas hill country.

The mission of Austin Zoo is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, and education. African lions and Bengal tigers and stretch out in the big cat habitats while monkeys and marmosets swing from tree to tree in the monkey areas.

In addition to wild creatures the zoo houses domesticated animals such as a miniature donkey

Best Places To Visit in Austin, Austin Zoo

Final Verdict 

Austin is a must-visit place once in your life. So explore all the mentioned 10 best places to visit in Austin. Spend your holidays with remarkable memories and have lots of fun. Let us know in a comment whether this article was helpful for your tour to Austin or not.  

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