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Places in Australia You Don’t Know About!

Australia is one of the most popular and dreamy places to visit in the world. It is found almost in the middle of the ocean. 90% of the Australians are living on the coast side. Being a very attractive and unique place in the attract attracts the attention of millions of visitors every year. People want to visit this place for recreation and information. Most people create lots of memories and have amazing experiences that they never had before. This is the most beautiful country for tourists. This is the 3rd most populous country in the world and is almost twelve times bigger than that of France. 

Facts About Australia

With a commonwealth of area 7 688 287km2 is the world’s sixth largest and most populous country. It is well known because of its beautiful beaches, deserts, and amazing cities like Sydney. Australia is where life and unique natural wonders combine with the features mentioned above making this country a dreamland for everyone. So if you are deciding to visit an amazing land on Earth Australia is one of the best choices 

Unique Places to Visit In Australia 

You must explore the unbelievable and wonderful places that will refresh your eyes and mind. Such natural and beautiful places will affect your health and mental state. Here are some of the places that must be visited once you plan to visit the marvelous country of the world. Such as


This is the first railway station in Australia. It is well known because of the most busy and crowded railway station. It attracts a large crowd and many visitors. So it is the second most populous city of Australia which is situated behind Sydney. Melbourne is the Capital of the Australian state of Victoria. Visitors always consider this place when going to explore Australia. 

Melbourne is also the most popular and visitors’ dream place in Australia. Because Melbourne Cricket Stadium is the world’s largest cricket stadium. 

The Whitsundays QLD

This is the most amazing and popular beach to explore once. It has attractive weather and eye-catching scenery around. Whitsundays is a mixture of everything that you could expect from. It has swirling and colorful sand giving a very charming view.

Hamilton Island 

This is one of the most attractive holiday spots in Australia for tourists. Which is surrounded by prestigious beaches and a mixture of cold and marine life. Hence, it is a perfect place for exploring and enjoying. 

Fraser Island 

This is 14 miles long and one of the largest sand beaches in the World. The island is of great importance because of its natural universal values. The place is the best option for photography and video capturing. 


Sydney is a fantastic destination for people who want to explore the unique places in Australia. December to February is the best time to visit Sydney because it’s the summer season. It is also a great tourist destination because of international venue concerts, parties, and performances. Sydney is the land where the world’s largest recognized landmarks are located. It also has the largest steel arch bridge on the planet. 

Bondi Beach is another spectacle for tours and can become a really attractive spot for visitors because you can enjoy swimming and many other recreational activities here on this beach.  

Queen Victoria Market 

It is a major tourist attraction spot in Australia and stretches across two city blocks. It is an exciting and lively marketplace with almost more than 600 different shops and stalls. Hence it’s a perfect spa for your shopping even from fresh vegetables, fruits, jewelry, dresses, and even everything you want to purchase. 

Another popular spa is the Federation Square. It has cultural attractions and is the most popular venue for arts, public events, and cultural exhibitions. 


Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. It is located on the Western Coast. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia and is popular for its luxurious lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and sunny skies. When you are here you can enjoy the beautiful cruise along the river to the shores of the small valley. This place is heaven for beach lovers by having several beautiful beaches that are far from cities. It is popular because of its blue-watering culturing. This place exhibits some amazingly innovative architecture. Because of the bridge scene falling water around is also amazing and attractive for tourists. 

Cairns, Queensland 

If you are looking for beauty and recreation at the same place then Queensland is one of the best places in Australia. The Great Coral Reef is there. This reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, covering almost 2,300 meters of the coast. Here is the world’s most natural phenomenon of having almost more than 400 species of fish living in a lake. There are also dolphins and many other water bodies here. 


It is the life for food lovers and nature lovers. It’s a beautiful setting in the center of the sea and the shore is inspiring. So visiting the Tasmania Art and Music Gallery is a must for every visitor. It is a wonderful area filled with restaurants and cafes for foodie visitors. You can also plan a hiking trip if planning to spend a week in Tasmania. 

Gold Coast 

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a great glamour for visitors. The most attractive activities of the place include late-night cafe parties, open restaurants, and many more. The place is paradise because of the natural spots and beautiful scenes. This is the ever best place to visit in Australia. There is also an NGO that is taking care of birds, animals, and reptiles. The most attractive part of this visit is that you can have amazing sessions with birds and animals. 

Final Verdict 

Australia is the dreamland of millions of people across the world. However, most of the visitors are unaware of the most unique and amazing spots found in Australia. They must visit these spots to make their tour most attractive and memorable. These amazing places are most popular among professional tourists because they know the real beauty of Australia hidden in these popular places. 

Besides the above-mentioned places, there are also very amazing places that can be an amazing experience of your life to visit. Such as Darwin, Brisbane, Uluru, and Otwat National Park. You must visit any of the mentioned places found in Australia and have a remarkable tour of your life. 

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