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Top 10 Historical Places in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Pakistan is a very beautiful country because of the many historical places in Pakistan that are very beautiful and attract the hearts of people. Because Pakistan has amazing places for tourists from all over the World.

  1. Badshahi Mosque
  2. Faisal Mosque
  3. Wazir Khan Mosque
  4. Minar- e -Pakistan
  5. Lahore Fort
  6. Tomb of Jahangir
  7. Hiran Minar
  8. Shalimar Garden
  9. Begum Shahi Mosque
  10. Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Badshahi Mosque

The Badshahi Mosque is a historic mosque located in Lahore, Pakistan it is considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and is a major tourist attraction. The mosque was built during the Mughal era and is one of the largest mosques in Pakistan.


Construction of the Badshahi Mosque began in 1671 AD during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The mosque was designed by the Mughal architect Ustad Ahmad Lahori who was also responsible for the design and construction of the Taj Mahal in Agra India.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque

What is an Imperial Mosque?

The mosque was completed in 1674 AD and was inaugurated by Aurangzeb himself. It was named the Badshahi Mosque. Which means Imperial Mosque in honor of Aurangzeb’s title as the Emperor of the Mughal Empire.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque also known as the National Mosque is located on the foot of Mar gala Hills in Islamabad. The mosque is an example of unshakable brotherly relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This Mosque is an iconic mosque, a tourist sport, and apparel in the ocean of Islamabad’s beauty.

King Faisal founded the mosque and gave a gift to the Pakistani nation. The impetus began in 1966 following the support of the king on an official visit and 43 proposals were given by 17 different countries but the winning design was of aTurk Vedat Dalokay. Construction work began in 1976 by The National Construction Limited of Pakistan. This project cost 130 million Saudi Riyals. The Giant Chandelier is made up of gold-plated Aluminum tubes, weighs about 75 tons, and has 1000 bulbs special Turkish tile is used in the Qibla side wall.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Faisal Mosque

Peoples Capacity in Mosque

It has the capacity of 10,000 people to offer prayers in the Main Hall. It can accommodate around 3 lac people and was the biggest mosque in the world from 1986-1993.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Wazir Khan Mosque was built in 1634 by Sheikh Ali Mudin Ansari by sea of Punjab and Asha Ansari held from humble origin in the town of Jinyoung in the Jung district of the Punjab. He studied medicine under Hakim Davie and was hired by the Mughal court as a personal physician of Prince Quran. The future Shah Jahan awarded him the little Yohan in 1620.

Wazir Khan acquired a large tract of land in Lahore. Bounded by the Delhi gate to the east and the Lahore fort to the west. He found the mosquito that now bears his name on the site of the tomb of Sayyad Muhammad Ishaq also known as Miranbashya ascent who had migrated from Iran in the 13th century.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Wazir Khan Mosque

Construction of Bath House

Wazir Khan also established a bathhouse shahiham and another commercial establishment along the road to the mosque whose income was indeed to ensure maintenance of the mosque although the bathhouse did not provide as much income as indeed the bazar to the east of the mosque. Was quite successful and remains a flourishing market even to the present day.


Minar-e-Pakistan is an important monument of Pakistan. It is situated in the Iqbal Park, Lahore. It stands at the place, where the Pakistan regulation was passed.

The resolution was passed at the meeting of the ALL INDIA MUSLIM LEAGUE held on March 23; 1940.it is a symbol of the unity of the Muslims of the sub-continents. Its height is 196 feet.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Minar e Pakistan

Lahore Fort

This Fort was built by the 3rd Mughal emperor Akbar in 1556. After Emperor Akbar his son Jahangir added the construction inside the fort. After Emperor Jahangir his son Shah Jahan added the 80% construction inside the fort.

After Emperor Shah Jahan his son Aurangzeb added the construction inside the fort.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Lahore Fort

Welcome to the Summer Palace

This is 416 an old original painting made with fruits and vegetables colors. There is the ventilation system of the summer palace. Here is the secret passage to the summer palace.

Tomb of Jahangir

The Tomb of Jahangir is a historical place in Lahore. The tomb of Jahangir is a mausoleum from the 17th century built for the Mughal emperor Jahangir. It is located in the Shah Dara Bagh in Lahore along the banks of the river Ravi. This ancient monument is beautifully crafted with paintings and marble in the interior and richly decorated with Pietra Dura on the outside.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Tomb of Jahangir

The Tomb of Akbari Saria and Asif Khan

The tomb of Akbari Saria and Asif Khan is yet to be entitled to world heritage status by UNESCO.

How did Jahangir Die?

The Mughal Emperor Jahangir died in the foothills of Kashmir near Rajouri on 28th October 1627. After the funeral, his body was transferred to Lahore and buried at his favorite place called Dilkusha Garden. 

Hiran Minar

The Hiran Minar complex is located in the city of Sheikhupura—about 40 kilometers northwest of Lahore. The complex is located near the Sheikhupura Fort which also dates from the early 17th century.

Hiran Minar was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, in the Hunting Reserve used by the Mughal royals. The wild reserve was used as a park where the visitors could enjoy the sport of hunting.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Hiran Minar

The Jahangir –era minaret stand 110 meters tall. And was built in 1606 E.C. as A tomb marker for the emperor’s pet Antelope, Minraj. The side of the Minar is inscribed with a eulogy to the Entelop.

A massive rectangular water-tank pool measuring 229 meters by 273 meters lines at the heart of the complex. An octagonal pavilion built during the reign of Shah Jahan is at the center of the pool. The pavilion is two-storeyed and is topped with chhatri.

Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden is situated in the capital of Punjab. Lahore. It was constructed 400 years back during the era of King Shah Jahan. A similar kind of garden is also constructed in Srinagar, Kashmir. However, the idea of the Shalimar Garden is influenced by “Chaar Bagh”(Four Garden) in Iran.

Four Garden itself is influenced by the concept of four gardens in heaven mentioned in Surah Rahman Ayat 46 and 68 of the Holy Quran. Shalimar Garden provides all those basic facilities that a human mind wants to relax.

Construction Expenses and Area

There were 2 main reasons behind the construction of Shalimar Garden.

No 1. Ladies of the royal family used to visit this park for walks.

No 2. Royal kings used to sit over here with their special royal guests.

The area of this garden is 40 acres. Construction of this garden was made the responsibility of the servant of the king. Khalil Ullah Khan. On 12th June 1641 A.D. construction was started and completed within 18 months. Initially. This garden was divided into 3 portions. Once for royal Harem.2nd was King and his special workers. 3rd for common man.

Construction of this garden cost 6lac (0.6 million) rupees at that time.


12 small ponds were constructed but the thing which makes this garden eye-catching are fountains situated here. All in all 410 fountains were constructed here with the name “Hauzz”. Around these fountains beautiful marble designs were also constructed.

They not only looked beautiful but also maintained temperature comparatively cool during the summer season. At night, when kings had festivities over here. Along with music natural sound of these fountains created an eye-catching atmosphere for listeners.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Shalimar Garden


Initially, beautiful gardens were constructed over this place with different types of trees, and plants were planted including fruit plants like apples, peaches, cherries, mangoes, etc.

With time, due to negligence in care, most of the trees passed away while some were cut down by people. Later on, different types of trees were planted here again but they couldn’t reach the beauty of earlier trees. Even today, countless types of trees are present here.

Begum Shahi Mosque

Begum Shahi Mosque was constructed between 1611 and 1614 under Emperor Jahangir in honor of his mother Mariam Zamani the relatively small mosque site is across the way from the famous Lahore port and is one of the oldest historical places in Lahore.

And is the city’s oldest surviving Mughal-era structure the architectural design of Begum Shahi gave inspiration to the Wazir Khan master and was built several decades later the mosque itself is impressive complete with elaborate 400-plus-year-old frescoes and unique geometrical embellishments.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Begum Shahi Mosque

But its namesake even more so Mariam Zamani was far from average herself the former. A Hindu princess was known for expanding the Mughal Kingdom’s racial and religious tolerance when she married Emperor Akbar.

Her true rise to fame accelerated under her son however when she became a prolific trader in the kingdom and was numerous high-level. Responsibilities better yet as this mosque is a bit of an offbeat Lahori. Attraction is more likely to be the only tourist there.

Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a barrister, politician, and founder of Pakistan. Jinnah served as the leader of the ALL-India Muslim League from 1913 until the inception of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. And then as Pakistan’s first Governor-General until his death. He died on 11 September 1948 and was buried in Karachi.

Historical Places in Pakistan, Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah


Pakistan is an attractive place for tourists from around the world to visit the Historic places of Pakistan. You must also pack your bags to have a remarkable visit to Pakistani Historic places. Explore all the above-mentioned spots and let us know are these places truly historic and tourist priorities across the world. 

If yes! Then share this article with your family members or friends to let them know about the beauty of Pakistan and its historic places. 

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