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Seattle Chocolate Tour 


You’ll enjoy your tour through the well-known Ballard Locks and will be able to learn about the complex cruise system. You’ll know under which process the cruise will take you to the freshwater of Lake Union Seattle’s Puget Sounds. One-way cruises are used for transportation and travelers who avoid the traffic rush and busy city roads also love to travel through these cruises. They explore the natural beauty of water and the cruise experience to explore Seattle’s skylines.

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Seattle is very famous for Coffee, but is there something more exciting you don’t know about? Yeah! It’s Seattle Chocolate. This tour offers you to taste different iterations from Seattle’s most beloved and famous 8 spots. Your tour plan and pricing include 12 person chocolate tastes. Be ready! And activate your senses for this remarkable and delicious chocolate adventure tour of Seattle. 

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You must inform earlier if you have any allergies from any type of ingredient, chocolate, flavor, so we can accommodate it perfectly. Moreover alert us from any restrictions or mobility concerns for a manageable and accessible service. 

  • First of all, have an introduction to the famous Pike Place Market, (Public Market).
  • Taste 12 individual chocolate goodies from top 8 chocolate spots of Seattle. 
  • Will stop famous chocolate spots like Fran’s Chocolates and Cupcakes Royale. 
  • All the accommodations are based on dietary concerns. 



Starting & Ending Points 

  • The starting point of your tour is 2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, USA. 
  • Tour will end at 1910 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA.


You don’t have to ask anything from your guide staff. Because all the information will be provided to you by a message on your phone. Almost one hour before the departure we’ll inform you by sending a message. 

What to Explore During Tour 

Thetour includes some destinations that are expected to be passed by or stay for some time to explore other spots as well. 

Pass By Points

Pike Place Market:

(Oldest chocolate running farmer’s market in the United States of America. You must visit this place and enjoy its delicious chocolate desserts).

Seattle Waterfront:

(Visit on a clear day to experience two mountain ranges from one spot over the Puget Sound). 

Destinations to Stay in      (Entry Ticket: Included in your Plan)

1- Dahlia Bakery:

This is one of the best bakeries in Seattle. The special thing about this bakery is its hidden chocolate gems for people to taste. You’ll taste these gems on this tour. Dahlia Bakery is also famous for its unmatched bread making techniques.

Stay Time: Almost 15 minutes

2- Freya Bakery & Cafe:

You’ll enjoy their special recipes of Danish inspired Hot Cocoa. This bakery is famous for their non-cutting technique, as everything is done through scratching.  

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

3- The Confectional 

Something hidden behind the counter is waiting for you in The Confectional. Here you must confess your love for Cheesecakes. 

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

4- SELEUSS Chocolates 

Alexander Long is the single individual who tailored every single chocolate item and is well known for creating combos either with honey, tobacco, fruit, or liquor. For perfect truffle chocolate varieties, Alex scours the whole world and is serving in SELEUSS. 

Stay Time: Almost 15 minutes

5- Maiz 

Here we will explore the history of chocolate in Central America and South America. Moreover, we will see how it is expressing itself in the modern time. In 2021, Pike Place Market’s very own Tortilleria was open to the public. 

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

6- DeLaurenti 

It is a wonderland that includes all the Italian and Delicious chocolate items. This is a grocery store that is located in Pike Place Market. Which is a widest selection of the crafted chocolate bars everywhere in the city. 

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

7- Woodering at Pike Place Market 

Woodring Orchards will offer you Jams, Pickles, Caramel, Honey, Pepper Jellies, and various hand crafted chocolate sauces. Dele Nelson is the owner and chef who grows the Cocoa himself, and travels to Venezuela twice a year just to harvest cocoa. 

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

8- Chukar Cherries 

Since 1986, Chukar Cherries has been enrobing for selling locally grown and dried cherries. Moreover, it is famous for European style chocolates. It is one of the best Washington State Businesses. 

Stay Time: Almost 10 Minutes

Booking Confirmations

You will receive a confirmation message at the time of your booking.

Cancellation & Refund Policy 

  • For a full refund, you can cancel the booking up to 24 hours in advance before starting the tour. 
  • Any changes made less than 24 hours before starting the tour will not be considered at any cost. 
  • Based on the local timings the cut-off time is fixed/adjusted. 
  • In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before starting the journey. No amount will be refunded.

What Other Tourists Say

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I’ve found the spots that I could never explore on my own. So I'll recommend this chocolate tour in Seattle if you are a chocolate lover.
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The tour was very interesting. But i love to taste the different chocolate flavors from dark to white chocolate and from milky to sour chocolates. I loved the way they guided us and revealed the history behind chocolates and its chemistry.
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Amazingly remarkable tour of my life. In fact, the tastes of chocolates were beyond our expectations and the places were too amazing. I’ll suggest the tour because it will increase your knowledge about the world of chocolates.
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Our tour guide was much more interested in Chocolates and had a great knowledge about it. Even he was revealing the secrets about how they add different flavors and textures to chocolate. I was very amazed to know the realities. Yet it was very informative and our tour guide was so handsome 😜
Phill and Di S
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During the tour, I was just thinking about the whole planning and management of the guides. Because it would be very messy if they didn't have perfect timing and management. It was so cool and I loved to walk in Pike Place Market and visit different shops.
Kevin V
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This tour is highly recommended while celebrating the International Chocolate Day in Seattle. Because it will be very informative, energetic, friendly, and a combination of Chocolate tastes and their interesting history.

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