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Seattle Tour Guide

What’s special about the city!

Seattle is also called “Emerald City”, and it’s worth this name. That’s because of its unique blend of natural beauty and city life. Which is 

  • surrounded by stunning landscapes making it perfect for adventurers like explorers, hikers, trekkers, and climbers. 
  • rich cultural scene with world-class museums, a vibrant music history, and diverse culinary delights, making it best for tourists and history lovers. 
  • forefront of innovation as a tech hub home to Amazon and Microsoft
  • With eclectic neighborhoods, a commitment to being green, and numerous festivals 

In short Seattle provides a dynamic and memorable experience for every visitor, whether solo or with family, single or couple, or explorers, everyone can not just enjoy but experience a lot of things they might have never done before.

Must Have Accessories For Seattle Tour

Here are some most important accessories that you must pack with your luggage for a visit to Seattle. Such as

  • Camera 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Hiking Shoes 
  • Hiking Sticks 
  • Fleece Jacket 
  • Day Pack 
  • Rain Shell 
  • Reusables 
  • Guidebook 

These are must pack accessories for tourists to go to Seattle.

Best season to visit Seattle

May to September is the best time to visit Seattle. You can explore Mountains, Parks, and amazing Islands. So these experiences are possible by visiting Seattle especially between May and September. 

FAQ’s  (Expert Answer)

What’s one thing visitors shouldn’t miss?

One thing is really amazing and different from all other things. It is 605-feet-Tall-Space- Needle. It is a must visit place in Seattle because of its UFO-like design. This Space Needle has dominated Seattle’s skyline and is attractive for visitors. You must experience its beauty and attraction once in life. 

What do you wish tourists knew about Seattle?

Seattle is a very famous place for Starbucks. But most important is that you must explore its Coffee culture. Because its coffee culture is as worthy as its Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and Seahawks.

What makes Seattle a well Developed and advanced City?

Seattle is a city where lots of headquarters of Tech Industries are located including Microsoft and Amazon Headquarters. This makes it a well developed and advanced city.

Let us in on your favorite restaurants. What makes them great?

These are the best and highly recommended restaurants found in Seattle. 

  • Andaluca Restaurant 
  • Canlis (Fine Dining)
  • Shaker+Spear (Seafood)

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