World Chocolate Day 7 July 2024

Chocolate lovers always look to celebrate something with their favorite chocolates. Hence, on the 7th of July, chocolate lovers plan to celebrate the Chocolate Day. They make everything they love to eat with Chocolate stuff and have lots of sweet memories with chocolate goodies, which include Chocolate cakes, hot chocolate cakes, shakes made with chocolates, and many more.


World Chocolate Day is always celebrated on 7th July every year. The day is celebrated because of its historic reason. In 1550 chocolate was brought to Europe for the first time on 7th July. While in 2009 the very first Chocolate Day was observed. 

Origin of Chocolate

Chocolate has been growing in Mexico and has been cultivated for almost more than three Millennia. Chocolate originated from a tropical tree named Theobroma Coca. Moreover, chocolate is growing in Northern South America and Central America. 

How is Chocolate Prepared?

The taste of coca tree seeds itself is bitter and very intense. These seeds undergo the process of fermentation. This process gives them a specific flavor. After fermentation Processors dry, roast, and clean the beans. Then cocoa nibs are produced by removing the shells of the seeds. 

The next process is to grind cocoa nibs and to produce cocoa mass. This cocoa mass is pure chocolate but in rough form. The liquefying of cocoa mass takes place to create Chocolate Liquor

This process divides the Chocolate Liquor into two different products:

  • Cocoa Solids 
  • Cocoa Butter 

Most Common Types of Chocolate 

The four most common types of chocolate are widely used for preparing chocolate stuff. 

  1. Sweet Chocolate 
  2. Milk Chocolate 
  3. Butter Chocolate 
  4. Unsweetened Baking Chocolate 

People love to eat chocolate in the world. According to a survey 9 out of 10 people love chocolate. 

Healthy Effects of Chocolate 

Chocolate has amazing positive effects on human health. Almost 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. Besides its amazing taste, it has the following health benefits:

Latest Trends to Celebrate Chocolate Day?

Here are the latest trends you must follow this 7th of July to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Such as

  • Enjoy your favorite chocolate dessert at your favorite restaurant. 
  • Let your kids know about the benefits of eating chocolate.
  • Learn about the chocolate from all types of available resources.
  • Post your chocolate party and favorite dessert clicks on social media with #Worldchocolateday 
  • Spend time with your family and know the importance of Laughter while enjoying chocolate goodies. 
  • Arrange a chocolate-tasting party with your family or friends and let them make chocolate stuff with different recipes. 


You must spend your chocolate day with great and trending trends. You can also read amazing books regarding chocolate’s history and benefits. These books include The Chocolate Touch, Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

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