Global Day of Parents – 1 June 2024

Global Day Parents is celebrated to encourage the role of parents in our lives and personality. They play an important role in their child’s lives. They train them to be a good man and a good citizen. There are lots of efforts they always made to grow their family. So this is a special day for them to appreciate their patience, efforts, sacrifice, and struggles. 

When Does Parents International Day Celebrated?

International Parents Day is celebrated on 1st June every year.

History Behind International Parent’s Day  

United Nations in the 1980s started to consider family problems and tried to focus on their solutions. Then they concluded the result to encourage family members and their struggles. Most importantly, to encourage parents for the efforts they made for their family members. 

On 9 December 1989, in a resolution 44/82, the General Assembly announced 1994 as the International Family Year. In 1993 the G.S. decided to celebrate International Family Day on 15th May every year. 

But in 2012, the General Assembly announced 1st June as a Global Day of Parents. Now the day is celebrated with great honour and love throughout the world.

How to Celebrate International Parent’s Day?

You must show your love and attention towards your beloved parents. There are lots of amazing ways to let them know about the efforts they made for your better growth and better lifestyle. 

  • Say to your parents I LOVE YOU. 
  • Arrange a special party for your parents at their favorite place. 
  • Offer them an International Tour. 
  • Surprise them with a hand-made Happy Parent’s Day card and a customized Cake. 
  • Give them precious gifts. 
  • Spend quality time with your parents. 
  • Say to them thanks for everything they did for you. 
  • Plan a picnic party with your Mom and Dad. 
  • Offer them two movie tickets to their favorite Cinema. 

These are some unique ideas to celebrate Parent’s Day. 


Celebrate Parent’s Day with great love and passion. Let your parents know how much you love them and appreciate their sacrifices for you. Select any of the mentioned ideas to make them feel proud of you. Share these ideas with your friends and family to follow and make their parents feel special too. 

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